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    Many forum members are acquainted with our old friend Russell Barkley. Dr. Barkley is a prominent AD(H)D researcher known for the grim view he takes of the disorder.

    I was taking a look at one of his many Youtube videos— http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WroDEcG7tJc — when I came to an interesting comment at about the 17-18 minute mark. Barkley and several colleagues have done a longitudinal study (a study that tracks participants over a long period of time) of ADHDers in Wisconsin. It seems that when the participants were children, Barkley et al. gleaned most of their information from their parents. But when the kids turned 21, they became responsible for providing the information themselves. And a funny thing happened. At 21, most of the participants appeared to have been miraculously cured! Amazing. But wait: when the researchers became suspicious and followed up with parents, it turns out the percentage of ongoing sufferers shot up ten fold.


    Apparently, at least according to this research project, many (young) adults with ADHD are apt to prevaricate in order to put the best possible spin on their behavior.


    allan wallace
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    I’d suggest that most, if not all, people will always put the best spin on their behaviour…

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