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    WARNING: The following is just a bunch of inane ADD ramblings. You are welcome to ignore, read, or join in. Consider this an apology in advance.

    I looked at the above listed website. That doctor, dentist or whatever looks like he could use about 60mg of Adderall . . with a vodka chaser. If he were green and had bolts on the sides of his neck he could be the twin of Frankenstein’s monster. I wouldn’t let these guys touch my teeth with a pole!!!

    I still have my wisdom teeth. Other than chomping down on the inside of my mouth ocassionally, they have not been a bother. I think I much prefer a frozen margarita to handle the problem rather than let Frankenstein at them. Although my daughter did seem to have some awesome drugs on board when she came out from getting hers removed. Hers were OK, but the military required their removal just to ensure there wouldn’t be any future problems. People look like chipmunks right after getting their wisdom teeth removed. … a good time to get a “Glamour Shot.”

    One time I was at the dentist getting a filling. The room had one small window up high. As I was looking at the window, this hand outside goes by displaying it’s middle finger. The dentist couldn’t figure out why I was giggling as he drilled into my tooth. He never had a patient giggle while drilling.

    One time when my daughter was getting her braces adjusted, I took CJ along (the cat pictured in my avatar). He must have been about 20-25 lbs at the time. He always impressed people. My cats are enjoying the last of the spinach fetuccini alfredo I had for lunch. I can hear Pedro, my half bobcat, smacking his mouth as he eats. Probably sounds like the clueless dweeb that Wolfshades has to put up with in the next cubicle.

    Maybe Wolfshades can send dweeb to Frankenstein to get all his wisdom teeth out. Then give dweeb a bowl of nuts to munch on since dweeb will look like a chipmunk. Coordinate all that with the photos for the security badges so dweeb will look nice and chipmunky.

    Well, enough work for today, Gunsmoke (the national program of Texas) is coming on . . . gotta go.

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