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Diagnosed 4 months ADHD and Learning Disability)

Diagnosed 4 months ADHD and Learning Disability)2015-04-30T23:08:58+00:00

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    I always new there was something wrong. Ever since childhood, I had issues with daydreaming and short term memory (yet I have memories at 1 year old, maybe earlier). With respect to memory issues……I thought of it as a slight fog/cloud in my head. Never have I or would I dare to tell anyone, for that would be suicide. On stead I hid it…along with blurry letters and words….slow reading….re-reading school work. The closest I came to telling anyone I had an issues was in grade 6, when I just could not understand learning a second language (french). It was a nightmare……the school decided with my parents agreement to pull me out of french from grade 6 onward. Eventually, in grade 10…I quit school all together. I could not keep up in class. Reading took forever.

    I did go to night school and finish high school at my own pace….then moved onto a 3 year college trade…..But reading/memory/attention was still a problem. Add to that I was beginning to think my hearing was off. When I started working after college I was mis interpreting commands as….different words…thus confusing instructions….little did I know that this was a learning disability symptom…..along with everything else.

    Moving ahead to present day….I am taking a french language training program, required to maintain my current position. I am failing. If I don’t pass french I lose my job. Plain and simple. Through online researching of struggles with french I watched a documentary “Don’t Call Me Stupid”, and “Embracing dyslexia”. I found my enlightenment! These people were exactly like me….I felt so relived that there were others like me.

    Through a Pyshco-educational test….I was told I had ADHD and a Learning disability. My memory was in the 1 percentile….

    However, it was after this test, when things got worse…..

    1) because it is taking so much time to complete french, unprofessional comments at work are surfacing. Word is getting around I have a disability.

    2) Realization that my career path has become crushed

    3) Realization there is very little help for Learning disabilities in Canada.

    4) My own phycologist, does not acknowledge the memory issues and solely attributes it to “not paying attention”. He went as far as saying that Dyslexia does NOT exist.

    5) I found help through some programs but the cost is too high, thus I applied for the Tax credit. However, CRA denied me. I forget how to spell my own daughters name (spelled it wrong on birth certificate), miss meetings, do 12 hour days plus weekends to make up for my disability……and yet CRA turned me down. Not to mention I forget to take my meds for diabetes.

    I thought have the diagnose would in turn help me….but the ups and downs have just created more problems. My future as far as my career goes is the sidewalk……Dyslexics + ADD (1 percentile on memory) take an extreme amount of time to learn a second language.

    Good luck to all.


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