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Diagnosed a few days ago

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    Hi . I just found out what I suspected over the last 3-4 months of having . I was diagnosed with the combined type of ADHD .

    The person who diagnosed me even suspected that I had man h of the ADHD symptoms during my childhood years , yet wasn’t assessed for ADHD .

    He explained that a lot of the symptoms can be carried through from childhood into adult hood.

    I am currently awaiting treatment. My doctor should have the results in 2-3 weeks . In the meanwhile , I am doing some research to educate myself .


    Patte Rosebank
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    You sure came to the right place!

    I was diagnosed, completely out of the blue, 5 years ago. Until then, I was like most other people, positive that “ADHD is just an excuse for people who can’t be bothered to control their children and raise them properly”.

    Funny how finding out that YOU have it, can completely change that belief.

    Like you, I immediately became very interested in learning as much as I could, about this suddenly-very-real neurological condition, and how it has affected me throughout my life. I’ve read books, watched videos, and visited websites. I soon learned how to spot whether or not a source was reliable…and supportive. And TotallyADD is one of the best.

    The Videos page is a great place to start: Short videos, some factual, some funny, some both.

    If you have any questions about navigating the website, just scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “CONTACT”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)