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Diagnosed at 23. Experiences Before, During, and After Diagnosis.

Diagnosed at 23. Experiences Before, During, and After Diagnosis.2012-10-30T22:36:07+00:00

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    This is a multi-category post. I accidentally posted in in the wrong section. I’ll give a little background, my experiences getting tested, and my expectations and experiences during medication.

    For a very long time, I have been stressed out by the thought of school. I couldn’t read a book, even though I had a very good understanding of words and was one of the best readers in my class during school. I couldn’t stay focused on or interested in a book. Every line would have a few words that would send my brain on a rampage through everything I could possibly associate with it. (The word “duck” would make me think of water, that would split into fishing and drinking, then into food, camping, alcohol, and on to cooking, recipes, nutrition, wilderness survival, sharpening knives, hunting, types of flora and fauna, partying, effects of drugs, blood alcohol contents, local breweries, bars, restaurants, etc… One word would cause my brain to process all of that in quick succession, as well as thinking of times that I have experienced or seen examples of each. This would repeat itself with different words until I had gotten so cluttered that as my eyes continued to flow along the lines of the page, the signal seemed to stop at the eyes… my brain processed nothing from the material and I would not catch the problem until I was pages farther into the book.

    In class, I could listen to the teacher’s lecture and take notes… for about 15 minutes. Granted, my notes hardly made sense as nothing he said seemed significant enough to write down, so I end up scribbling what seems to be a mumbled translation of broken sentences, summarizing the lecture. After 15~ minutes, I was exhausted and had absolutely no will to continue taking notes. I’d try to just listen and take in as much as possible. Slowly, I start thinking of truck tires, airplanes, dragons, my friends drawings, etc… After a few minutes, he may mention Monticello, for example, and I’d think of a civil war era plantation, with trees planted in a pattern covering the entire yard. I think it is very interesting and beautiful how the rows align when you stand at a certain point. So what do I do? I begin drawing different patterns of trees that “align” the most times as seen from the highway when driving past. There goes 15 minutes. Before I know it, class is over and I am in a complete fog as to what was covered during that hour.

    Homework is very similar, sit down at the computer and start working on math. I do a few problems, then get thirsty, remember I must do laundry. While i’m doing laundry, I decide to go get something from my Jeep. I forget what i’m getting and end up driving around until I remember my homework.

    I used to try to supplement (Self medicate) myself with things to aid concentration… They seemed nearly useless. I tried small to large doses of Omega 3’s (DHA and EPA, then EPA alone, then DHA alone), 5-HTP, St Johns Wort, B-complex vitamins, L-tyrosine, and regretfully, even one online “ADHD oriented” nootropic called ADDtabz… needless to say it was worthless… A mixture of 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, caffine, and Beta Alanine… 1,3Di is a vasoconstrictor, so your brain doesn’t get as much blood as it did previously, then caffeine and beta alanine to counter act this… it’s stupid as well as expensive.

    —Decision to get see someone.

    I had an American Lit exam that consisted of quotes from our readings. about 15 or so pages of these quotes, maybe 8-10 on each page. I recognized about 2 of them throughout the entire exam. I felt horrible, stupid, insignificant, and about every other bad feeling I could think of. the only good thing I felt is that the test was over, the grade was final, there was no way to change it. So I felt relieved that I no longer had to take that test, but I was so upset about the problem that I called my sister to talk about it. During the talk, she mentioned her child and husband are both adhd, and suggested I see their Psychiatrist. I hated the idea of doctors. A: I had no insurance. B: I didn’t like medication C: I am a guy who hates to admit that anything is wrong with me… the list goes on.

    So I had the appointment… now the wait for 3 weeks. My sister’s husband had an appointment before me, and she mentioned me to the Dr. He told her that I needed to see a Psychologist first, so Oh my, 4 days until my appointment and I have to see a psyc and get tested first. WOW! … so i put it off for a day. (Smart right?) The next day I called the Dr’s recommended psychologist and… YES.. an opening for the next day. I see her and explain… blah blah… she says she thinks I have it and wants to do some testing. I mention my appointment with the Psychiatrist and she tests me at 11am the next day, and has my results sent to the Dr. before I get there. “They were convincing” he says but I have no idea how they went. haha.

    He gave me a 60 count prescription of Methylphenidate 10mg and instructions for another appointment soon. I felt good, I was afraid that they would tell me that my problem is laziness and send me on my way, minus $750 for the visits and testing. There finally seemed to be some hope for my lack of concentration.

    I’ve been on the medication for about a week so far, and 10mg didn’t seem effective. I felt different when I took it, but BARELY. Also, after about 1-2 hours, the medication seemed to hit a “sweet spot” where I was more focused on distractions than before. So the Dr. suggested I take 1.5-2 pills per dose and see how that does.

    I have decided to make an as detailed as possible list of pros, cons, and questions for the Dr. while I’m am in these early stages. For informational purposes, I’ll post the list in it’s current state, so that anyone who reads can compare their own changes from the medication.

    Methylphenidate 10mg 1.5-2 pills up to 2x per day. (Small, round, white pill with a protruding square on each side with “M” on one and “-10-” on the other)


    -The 4-8 “Highways” in my mind feel more like 2-3, greatly improving the attention that I give to tasks.

    -I’m more interactive during class and have more questions about the topic. (previously I never had questions about anything.)

    -I feel like my thoughts are usually more relevant to whatever environment i am in.

    -My mind seems very clear, and almost vivid at times.

    -My driving seems more responsible and less agressive.

    -I seem to realize when I’m hungry more often, I used to forget to eat (sometimes until late afternoon)

    -I’m not late to class or work nearly as often

    -My class notes make much more sense than before.

    -I don’t feel like I blurt out “stupid” or “irrelevant” things as often.

    -I’m more organized (Making lists, etc…)

    -Methylphenidate is CHEAP

    -Usually less fidgeting, more comfortable in my seat during class. (Usually)


    -Usually makes me sleepy

    -My heart rate noticeably increases

    – – -as if i’m anxious or nervous

    -Sometimes I am still very distractible and/or focus more on distractions than before the medicine. (Usually 1.5+ hours into the dose)

    -occasionally more fidgety or anxious.

    -Sometimes causes a slight headache that can last for 10-12 hours, but is very mild.

    -Seems hit or miss for concentration, sometimes works very well for 3-4 hours, sometimes seems to not work at all. (I believe this is diet related)

    -Occasionally narrows thoughts down more than is desirable. I.E. Only one path for thought at a time… the rest of the mind seems “asleep.”

    Questions I have for my Dr.:

    – What kind of foods should I eat, and when should I eat for most effectiveness?

    – Eat more before taking and have more nutrients available, but less methylphenidate absorbed.

    – Eat less after taking and have more methylphenidate absorbed, but less nutrients available to be used.

    – I’m curious about the relation of blood glucose leves, sugar intake, and methylphenidate.

    -Ask about validity of methylphenidate increasing glucose usage in frontal lobes of the brain, thus lowering blood glucose levels drastically. Also, will low blood sugar cause the methylphenidate to seem ineffective? Is this why the medicine seems hit and miss as far as being effective? (My glucose leves drop to very low levels and the brain doesn’t absorb as much as it can in an attempt to reduce the effects of hypoglycemia.)

    Low glucose levels can cause you to:

    feel hungry or have “hunger pains” in their stomach

    feel shaky or like they’re trembling

    have a rapid heart rate

    feel sweaty or have cold, clammy skin

    have pale, gray skin color

    have a headache

    feel moody, cranky, or irritable

    feel drowsy, weak, or dizzy

    be unsteady or stagger when walking

    have blurred or double vision

    feel confused

    have seizures or convulsions

    lose consciousness (pass out)

    …Now compare these to the side effects of Methylphenidate…


    allan wallace
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    Hmmm, after ploughing through all of that all that I kept thinking was’I wonder if this is the post that got deleted from the other thread’….

    Um, what is it you’re asking? If your dosage of whatever it was that you’re on ought to be higher? What did your doc say about it? Was your brother-in-law diagnosed as ADHD? Is he on the same medication? The same dosage? What about your nephew? Yikes, I feel like an investigative journalist…erm, seeya! 8)


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    hahaha… I am mostly just throwing my experiences out there so anyone else who is skeptical about there symptoms can compare them to mine.

    Yes the father and child are both ADHD and a daughter is suspected but hasn’t been tested. I think most of my family is, to be perfectly honest, but who am I to diagnose. haha. I believe the father has been shuffling through meds trying to find the right one, currently on vyvanse I believe. I’m not sure what the child takes.

    Do you think it’s a good idea to throw a list of pros and cons of the medication to my doctor? He has my testing 15mg-20mg of generic ritalin (Methylphenidate). It really seems hit and miss. Sometimes it kind of makes me slightly “euphoric” almost like a high, but it actually works. I took more notes on Sacagawea the other day than any entire history lesson all semester.

    Other times, I feel nothing at all. I can tell i’m less irritable and still have the crash, but not help to my focus.

    I’m worried that it may be causing sugar levels to rise and/or fall drastically. Could the medicine only be effective with a certain “range” of blood glucose.

    Finally, could it just be deciding what and when to eat with the medicine? I don’t eat at all if I take it before eating, but it may work then. If I eat before, I may have an appetite but it may not work at all.

    Also, sorry for writing a book up above. I was procrastinating on some school work and think I would have done anything to keep myself away from it. haha. 😯


    allan wallace
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    Heh, have a crack at online scrabble! http://www.isc.ro was my lifeline when I was supposed to be doing important things. I had a marathon 26 hour session of 3 min kamikaze scrabble games back in ’06! 8)

    I’m the last person to ask for dietary advice. I love junk food, chomp chocolate with the same relish that a swine sets upon it’s trough, and I smoke like an industrial chimney! 8) Health kicks are for health nuts, no? Meh, don’t listen to me…I’m about to embark on a health kick that even incorporates a bit of meditation! 😯

    I’d not bother with the pros and cons idea, and just defer to whatever the doc suggests. He’ll know more about ADHD than us hapless sods that have it πŸ˜† It’s something that will be resolved through trying different meds I’d suggest. I know that the one time that I tried strattera that it wasn’t right for me. I felt like I wanted to kill myself, and I’d never before plunged to such depths of profound sadness that I had. If I’d kept taking that stuff I’d have become a suicide statistic… πŸ˜†


    allan wallace
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    Darn it, I hadn’t finished! Anyway, the other point that I was going to make is that it’s perversely re-assuring to read about others that see the world through the same prisms as oneself! It is so funny to read the various posts dripping with all of the tangent diving that I do replete with the oblique weird inflections, perceptions, insights, and even the jibberish is a tongue in which I’m fluent so it all makes sense! πŸ˜† Well, most of it anyway….we’re all very different, yet we’re all wrestling with the same issues, prejudices, and feelings of helplessness and loneliness. This place makes the world seem that little bit less lonely… 8)


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    Hahaha! 23 hours of scrabble!? That’s incredible! I love junk food myself… I must say that, even though I’m much skinnier than I’d like to be, there’s always a batch of cookies in my jar. :D

    It’s crazy how the medicines effect people so differently! This place surely is one that makes dealing with the issues we face much more manageable!

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