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Diagnosed by therapist but still confused!

Diagnosed by therapist but still confused!2019-04-22T12:13:44+00:00

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to put all my confused and muddled questions out there! (I am new to this forum stuff so forgive me if I haven’t posted in the right place)
    I’m 26 and have recently been (kind of diagnosed) with add innatentive type through my therapist whom I have been going to for over two years… But its only now come out. Which I find strange. So I’ve been reading lots about it…
    The symptoms I mainly have are feelings of being overwhelmed, forgetfulness losing keys etc this has been throughout my life my boyfriend calls me a whirlwind because I’m always onto the next thing however I have moments of rejection sensitivity which can be really upsetting and can completely take Over leaving myself confused why I was upset in the first place and beating myself up.
    I’m not however very messy but I go through phases of being disorganised and have phase of procrastination… Which I then beat myself up about because focusing unless Its art its boring and hard in things that I do not find interesting and my mind drifts…
    So over the years through college. And uni I’ve work so hard to be the organised perfect student and person.
    The more I read and write this the more it seems real.
    My question to you is are these the typical symptoms and should I come to believe that this it me as at this moment… My mind is saying “really is this me? Nah I can’t be!”

    I’m not the medication kind of person and have been over the years contemplating depression medication in my really low times.
    Are there alternative ways of getting some perspective?
    And what are your thoughts do I have add? And do I need a grounded diagnosis? and what are your experiences?

    Thank you 😊



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    I’m in a similar boat but I’m in my mid 40s and had some experiences lately that forced me to think about past issues I’ve had. That and a job change is forcing my add symptoms to light. I was only diagnosed two days. I haven’t taken the pills yet, but I did make an appointment with the therapist. Here is what I have decided—my strong beliefs have not been resulting in bahavior that works for me. Or it is not getting me by right now in a healthy way. So, I will try this for a short tim. Three months, actually. I will visit a counselor once or twice a week (I dunno what’s normal) I will go to the behaviormodification training of organization is part of it, and I will take the meds and will make a decision about what to continue with on August 10, 2019. So I start the meds tomorrow. I’m a bit scared.

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