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Diagnosis: do Prozac withdrawal symptoms suggest ADHD?

Diagnosis: do Prozac withdrawal symptoms suggest ADHD?2016-06-27T10:13:43+00:00

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    I went on Prozac for trichollomania and anxiety. As we want kids soon and my anxiety had improved (though not my hair pulling), my doctor suggested I try to come off it.

    It has been three weeks or so now and I have really noticed my attention slipping. My mind is all over the place.

    I have many symptoms of ADHD but people say don’t be ridiculous. I think my anxiety has always come down to a lack of achievement (I have a high IQ but every employer has slated my organisations skills and it’s lead to many issues).

    I’m considering now getting a diagnosis but am scared that I look like I just want an “excuse” – if found not to have it, then what is it that makes me SO bad at certain things? Does that make sense?

    Anyway, I am wondering if the improvement in my concentration levels whilst on it, the lack of anxiety (most likely caused by feeling calmer and in control at work) and my reverting back to being unable to concentrate that well could be a sign?

    I should add that I had some awful news earlier this year about my brother. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and we initially though that it wasn’t benign was a couple of months. Thankfully it turned out to be very likely to be benign. Despite being worried a lot, my anxiety was better than it is now off the Prozac – I was horribly stressed and upset but the weird panic feelings of being unable to control my stress weren’t there (equally I felt so tired from it all, that could be it). I think though that maybe my anxiety comes from things I can – or should be able to control – but can’t through my own fault i.e. feeling worthless at work. I worried a lot about my brother and was devastated but was actually very resourceful, looking into research and things. It was really strange. Equally, I was taking Prozac and drinking and smoking a lot through the pain.

    So now I wonder whether Prozac helped my concentration levels in a way and therefore suggests ADHD even more. Equally, it may be that I am busier at work and starting to feel the pressure again and / or worried about Brexit, etc, although until the other day I didn’t really think we would leave.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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