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Did You Catch It?

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    Patte Rosebank
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    Rick did an fantastic interview about “The Power of Story” on Attention Talk Radio, tonight.

    If you missed it, or want to download it to listen to again & again (yes, it’s THAT good!), here’s the link:




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    Did I catch what?

    I never catch anything. Usually don’t even know that there was something to catch. Until someone comes along and posts a link like the one above. At which time I usually say “thanks for the link, I’ll have to check that out…” Then move on to something else and forget about it completely.

    Which I am going to have to do right now because it’s late and I have an appointment in the morning and I am very tired. Which is why I am babbling. Sure sign that it’s time to sleep.


    Patte Rosebank
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    Last night, I went to a free seminar about public speaking.

    Because Rick’s “Power of Story” interview was so fresh in my mind, I kept on linking points that he had made, to points that the seminar-presenter made, and to the way I naturally speak to people—whether one or hundreds—when I’m doing a presentation. (Presentations are easy for me. Small-talk is hard!)

    According to the seminar, most people remember only 5% of the facts you give them, but 100% of the overall impression you give them, and how you make them feel.

    But because of my ADHD brain’s multi-tasking, I remembered a lot more than just 5%!


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Thanks for the kind words. It was an interesting talk.

    Jeff asked me onto the show because this is what I spoke about as one of the three Keynote speakers at this years ADDA conference in Detroit. I was talking about the power of a person’s story to change minds and engage people. Whereas arguing, logic, and all the statistics in the world actually end up making the other party more entrenched, more adamant about their beliefs, and forced to defend stuff more strongly than ever.

    You see it in people who are stuck in a cult and the more you argue, the more they have to defend. And of course you see it on the political landscape, with the media and politicians attacking each other. What a way to run a country. Or a state. Or even a municipality. Imagine running a business that way.


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    I thought Rick was great. The interviewer, not so much. But that’s just my opinion.

    I love Rick’s point about narrative. The fact is, to have access to people’s opinions, you generally have to have access to their emotions (Aspies notwithstanding). And you do this through stories. Advertisers understand this. Rick understands this. And, as an ADD aside, I think this reality presents issues for people who rely heavily on social media to promote their products and services. It can be challenging to control your narrative on, say, FB because of the nature of that beast. It’s much easier to strike a responsive chord through carefully crafted mini-stories (commercials) on, say, TV. And that’s why major brands spend fortunes to buy television time—it works.

    For what it’s worth, I read a piece someplace recently that said polling indicated it was television program(me)s and films that radically changed America’s attitudes about gay marriage in just a few years—not discussion/argumentation. Instructive.

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