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Do Different generics work better ?

Do Different generics work better ?2012-07-11T10:25:37+00:00

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    I am prescribed 20 mg Ritalin 2-3 x a day. Insurance does not cover me because of age all cost is out of pocket. I use generic version and have gotten different pill forms of “generic” Ritalin from time to time. The current pill my pharmacy has is peach and it doesn’t seem to work as effectively as the white version of same Mgs prescribed. Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed a difference?


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    Hi jensters1205 – you might be crazy but if so, then so am I.

    I take Ritalin (the proper brand name, made by Ciba). Prior to that I took another brand name of methylphenidate.

    They both work OK, probably about the same, but I prefer the proper Ritalin. Somehow it is smoother – I don’t get awful headaches when it wears off, but I did with the other type. I can only describe the other type as being ‘rough’ in comparison – I felt like it was something I didn’t really want to take. I don’t have those problems with Ritalin.

    I have given both varieties a fair chance and I always ask for Ritalin now. It is a bit more expensive but not so much more here in the UK that I’d want to cut costs.

    It is interesting because people assume the generics of the fast acting methylphenidate are the same as the original. I took the same type of ‘other’ version regularly – however, I believe that different brands can have subtle differences in the amount of active ingredient they contain – not sure of the validity of that because they must be highly regulated. But if true and you’re given a different type each time you might notice a difference. The carrier substances might not agree with you either?

    In contrast there are accepted differences between the original and generics for the extended release forms because the delivery systems are not as good.

    Whether there are real differences or not, you need to choose the type/brand that you believe suits your body.


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    I have had similar results with different manufactures of generic medication in the same class..

    Guessing although the chemical is the same the binder isn’t from one manufacture to the other..

    I would request from your pharmacist that they give you the one that suits you better, in this case the white colored..

    Make sure you asked who manufactures the one that works better this way you know in case you change pharmacy..

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