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Do I have Inattentive ADHD?

Do I have Inattentive ADHD?2012-12-02T13:12:31+00:00

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    Hey there just wondering if anyone could tell me if I have this and point me in the right direction.

    A few weeks ago I watched a video on Inattentive ADHD and and noticed all the symptoms apply to me. I feel like a hypochondriac a tiny bit for suggesting I have it but I’m starting to get sick of having a constant battle with everything.

    When I was younger I was always sleepy in school. The teacher would be giving lectures and I would basically be on a different planet daydreaming constantly. I was often called lazy and when given any work I would rarely do more than than right my name at the top of the paper.Was always told I never listen. This carried right through to secondary school and I have often called names like ” Slumber boy” which I would just laugh off haha.I was always the last one to get the joke and was often called slow off quite a few people. I only started doing any work in school when it came to my final exams which I passed averagely. When studying I would usually always go into a dream. Something that would take someone half an hour to study would take me a good few hours because of the day dreaming.

    When I left school I got a job as an Apprentice Electrician. This is where I noticed most the problems. Most people in the company wouldn’t want to work with me because I would constantly make mistakes and forget things all day long. I would get sent to the store for something then by the time I got there I would have daydreamed and forgot what I was sent for. Found it very difficult coordinating and working with people and found it very difficult to take in instructions from people. I would have a constant brain fog. The boss told people that I looked like I was on drugs and that the lights were on but no ones home. Eventually I qualified as an Electrician but I passed a year later than I should because I failed the college work due to the same attention problems I had in school.

    After that I went back to college and had the same problems. I couldn’t take in a lecture and would always be clueless to what was going on.

    I’m completely scatterbrained most of the time and ill often go up stairs to grab my phone or something and end up doing something else like playing one of my guitars and forget what I went up stairs for. I constantly forget things on when going places and will often have to head back to the house for things. I forget peoples names most of the time and often zone out during conversations. When reading a book sometimes I end up having to read the same sentence more than once. My guitar playing consists of me knowing 40 different parts of different songs rather than a few full songs. When online I usually have about 10 different articles and things open at the same time. Never finishing tasks and constantly switching from one thing to another.

    If you could give any advice it would be much appreciated



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    Have you taken the test on this site? http://totallyadd.com/virtual-doctor/.

    Also, I would advise you to search out a professional diagnosis to figure out what’s going on. I know the wondering is really nerve- wracking, been there.

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