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    The other night I was obsessing about the next day, it would be the next level of my meds and of course I wonder,” What will it be like?” “Will I feel all nuts at work?” “Who will notice?” “What if I feel sick?” “What if I feel nothing?” This and many other questions are plaguing my mind. So then I go to bed (late) and take the pill the next morning and everything is fine. I feel great and accomplished a lot. (no reason to worry)

    Last night I went to bed thinking was it must have been a fluke. “What about tomorrow?” so then I fall into the same melodramatic soap opera in my mind… So then this morning I woke up early, excited and ready to start my day. I thought “today will be a good day”, but then I was late getting ready, missed an appointment and was very flighty today.

    Now after talking with my partner, I wonder was I over stressing myself? Does obsessively thinking trigger us to worrying and stress out? Do these feelings cause us to be more erratic and flighty? Am I causing my day to more hectic because of my actions the nights before and not getting enough sleep?

    I feel calmer now that I have talked about it, but it still makes me wonder…

    What are your thoughts, do you worry for things that should be natural to others? Is there a link with our obsessive thoughts that drives this?


    I find that I would obsess because I wanted to be hypervigilent to avoid problems.. If I don’t see a problem coming I feel blindsided. I am unable to think of what to say in order to make what I was thinking clear. I get what I call “brain freeze.” It is like my brain is paralysed and I cant think. This never helps. If I would imagine the worse case scenario I would be prepared for it. This is no way for me to live. I also think it creates more problems then solved. I was always looking for the other shoe to drop so to speak. This pattern is like any habit. It takes persistence to break habits but they can be broken.

    I feel your pain I really do. I lived this way for so long. I would suggest trying not to label a day good or bad. Appreciate it moment to moment.

    My motto is quote I heard once and liked. I think it goes like this”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift which is why it is called the present.” Author Unknown


    Yes, I know I worry too much. My counselor wanted me to go to the doctor. I was worried about the side affects and others. I forgot to make appointment. Then I freak out about the little things. I had an interview for a job and didn’t know where it was. I looked at the maps, bus maps, trains map, and soon I got overwhelmed. I freaked out that it becomes more worry.

    When it comes to motors things I worry about stopping, going too fast, too many distractions, and what if this happens. My mom really wants me to get a driver license, but I worry about different things.


    Yes, yes, yes I feel your pain too. I suffer from the reflexive over thinking which creates worry/anxiety and then a paralyzing overwhelmed state. I have been listening to a Self Coaching audio book that is helping break down this bad habit. All this worry/over-thinking is all about control and how its usually insecurity driven..we want to over control our lives and the fact is that we can not control every little thing. We worry about things that “might” happen so we can prepare for the “what if”….why is it so hard for me to just flow and if something happens deal with it then? I have to remind myself DAILY and quiet the insecure thoughts from over taking and ask my self what am I really worried about?? I am just try to control everything and what ever happens be it good or bad..I’m more than able to deal with it then. If I look back at things I worried about 2 years ago…they worked out..they always do. Its really a hard habit to break but every habit can be broken over time.

    I like the comment about not labeling the days – very good advise.


    I agree with the above post that this type of behavior, over thinking, over analyzing, and stressing out, is insecurity driven and the need for control. I often worry about all the things that I need to do the next day, to the point that I can’t sleep. So after laying down for about 30 minutes, my mind racing, I get up and try to get organized or get things ready, or even just do them, so then I don’t have to worry about doing them tomorrow. However, now it’s 2am and I have to get up in four hours and then stress about that….and it goes on and on. On the upside I do not feel this way everyday. Another thing I find myself worrying about is why I seem to not be able to handle these day to day tasks like “everybody else” and then I start to feel like I am inferior in some way. And although I have a lot on my plate, I think about another person who does what I do, and has more children, or works more hours than me, and I think, geez, I feel like I am running around in circles and they seem so calm and together…why can’t I be like that?

    So I would have to definitely agree that this issue has a lot to do with control and insecurity.


    I am up because of this exact problem…I can’t seem to pinpoint what I am worried about this time. This happens more than I would like. Often I am fine until I lay down and then boom! it is almost like an anxiety attack, I have only had one three years ago but it feels like the beginning of one. My heart races and the thoughts are so fast and so many that sometimes I think I am going insane. I’ve tried deep breathing, yoga, meds (but I am overly sensitive to medication and the fog the next day is worse than the lack of sleep), sometimes I can pinpoint the cause and write it down but other times there seem to be many causes I could write a book.

    I have the exact thoughts you have kbtordai1170! Why am I unable to keep up with everyone and everything that others seem to do with little or no effort? It can be so frustrating and the pressure I put on myself by comparing myself with the “almost-perfect others” doesn’t help! We can’t have kids but we are thinking of adopting a foster child and sometimes I wonder if all of this makes me unfit to take care of someone’s child. My friends tell me that I would be a fun and creative mom but I just worry that I won’t be able to keep up since I have trouble already! Then again, I guess worrying about being a good parent is better than just being one and not caring at all, which is what a lot of foster kids face every day!

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