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Doctor said, WTF??

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    Shadow Nexus
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    Long time people…

    My doctor said i’m not permanently disabled??  WTF??   I tried to convince him, but true to my ADHD, can’t sell anything.     Genetic hardware ADHD.    The feds say I am, but for depression which is caused by my mood swings from ADHD. I’m disabled because the symptoms, but not the genetic cause. Huh?

    Can some expert explain this insanity by doctor and the feds (SSI)?

    How do I talk some sense into him?   Maybe a personal phone call or email to my doctor.


    Help!  :p



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    What’s the issue you’re trying to clear up? I am an info junkie, so I just looked this up – http://www.healthcentral.com/adhd/c/1443/134087/ssdi-benefits-adults/ and
    It looks like the SSI has its own set of defined disabilities. Depression is one of them, but adult ADHD is not (though childhood ADHD is).

    So — my guess is that it’s easier to do the paperwork if you claim for depression instead of ADHD. (Yes, even if depression is linked to ADHD). Oh, those little bureaucratic run-arounds that drive us collectively up the wall because they don’t really make sense but they are still the hoops we have to jump through. Even though it feels like we are jumping through the wrong hoops.

    Make sense?


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    Well, your doctor is probably not up to date on the latest ADHD research. A lack of understanding of what ADHD is believed to be is the only thing I can think of that would cause him to say it’s not permanent.

    Either that or he’s one of the “just try harder” people.

    If adult ADHD is not on the list but depression is then I say go along with them. It doesn’t really matter that the label isn’t quite right as long as it gets you whatever you need in the long run.




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    For what it’s worth, a psychiatrist told me it’s hard to get SSI the first time you apply. She did not say it’s impossible to get with ADHD.

    Why would the ADA include ADHD, but Social Security deny its existence? Or deny it’s a real problem? Anyway, I’d go with depression if that’s what it takes.

    There may be law firms around that can help with disability applications. Google your State bar association – they may have a law firm search feature that would help you find a disability lawyer. The State might also have a volunteer legal service for low income people dealing with civil matters, if paying for a lawyer is a big issue. It would be for me.

    I’m about to be unemployed, looking at the job market and discovering that my skills are way out of date. Employers want degrees that are very different from mine. It used to be that just having a B.A. was enough for an office support job, but now they want a marketing or business degree. I can’t compete with 25 year olds. I have no idea what I’m going to do.

    If I blow through my unemployment, if I can’t get training that will lead to a job (sadly, nothing I’m actually interested in – such as journalism or editing – is a viable field, and I’m not a math or science person – the paying jobs are in computers or biotech or accounting)…if I can’t get work, and can’t get training that matters (I’m not going through training and paying all that money if it won’t lead to a job)…I might want to go on Disability. If that’s what it takes to survive.

    Anyway, I know the feeling. Let us know how it works out for you.


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    Well, your doctor is probably not up to date on the latest ADHD research. A lack of understanding of what ADHD is believed to be is the only thing I can think of that would cause him to say it’s not permanent.

    Yep, and I was gonna say a bunch of the what sdwa said. But I like her version of the facts I wanted to say. Thanks for the work of writing all that gal. 🙂

    The second time I wanted to go back on ritalin (generic) I think the final decision may have been up to my GP doc. N he said I had to decide between Ritalin and Wellbutrin, and he said it was because Wellbutrin can work like a stimulant. If he had not been such an excellent doc in many other ways I would have fired him that day.

    It’s also true that peoples needs change over time, and as they mature. Even an ADDer can eventually grow up. And I don’t mean to say we just need to mature… that’s just fukin dumb!


    Lot’s of the problems and struggles I have are about me growing up. Not just ADHD.

    So heck, there’s hope gang!. Especially when you depend on more than just medication to unlock that magnificent brain of yours.

    Peace and long life.



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    Live Long and Prosper

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