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Doctor will not prescribe me ADHD meds

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    I got diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago by my psychologist, who suggested I talk to my family doctor for medication. My doctor seemed less than happy to give me a prescription, but still prescribed me a month supply of Ritalin. Day 1 and I already felt soooo… normal?

    I took them all month and when I returned to see my doctor for my refill, I explained to him that when I take Ritalin, I do not “feel” anything. I simply felt normal and realized I was actually finishing tasks that I started, such as cleaning and work stuff. He told that it is not normal for me to not feel anything and that if the medication was working for me I should feel “like a smoked a joint” (his own words).
    I then told him of ONE side effect I noticed, which was that about an hour after taking Ritalin, I had a coffee. I could then feel my heart racing real fast and thought to myself that I should have known better than to mix Ritalin with caffeine.

    Instantly after I told him about my caffeine experience, he decided that Ritalin is absolutely not working for me and that he will not prescribe it to me anymore. I asked him if another drug would work better. He responded by stating that if Ritalin doesnt work for me, no other drugs will.
    I WAS DEVASTATED!! I finally got my diagnosis and help I needed to FUNCTION and my doctor was telling me there was nothing I could do to help my situation.

    I called my psychologist and told her what had happened. She suggested I should definitively get a second opinion. I also talked to my pharmacist as I know she is highly trained in drugs. She also said that it seems I could greatly benefit from some medications and also suggested that I get a second opinion.

    So, my first question is : Do you think there is a prescription out there that could help me or does it sound like my body really doesnt react well to any ADHD drug?

    Most importantly, how do I get a second opinion? I am in New-Brunswick. I called Telecare and they advised me to go to an after hours clinic. Every clinic I called said they will never prescribe Ritalin or other controlled drugs. The only other options that Ive been told are to go to an ER (with a 7-9 hour wait, that doesnt seem like a good option to me). I also called a few psychiatrists and they all seem to have 1-2 year wait.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my topic.


    Patte Rosebank
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    It sounds as if the Ritalin was working for you.

    That “nothing” you felt was actually the calm focus that results from taking the right med for you, to stimulate your right pre-frontal cortex (which is the part of the brain that isn’t firing properly when you have ADHD).

    And you were finishing tasks you’d started, which means that the Ritalin was controlling your ADHD symptoms!

    Your doctor failed to recognize this—and, in fact, completely mis-diagnosed it—because ADHD is completely outside his field of expertise.

    His comment that “if it was working, you’d feel like you’d smoked a joint” is completely inappropriate, and shows his ignorance and hostility regarding ADHD.  In fact, he sounds like one of those older doctors, who refuses to believe that ADHD is real.

    Therefore, you will have to educate your doctor about ADHD and how to treat it.

    To do this, you must get the psychologist who diagnosed you, to educate your doctor about what ADHD is, and to explain how it is treated.  It is NOT imaginary.  And it is NOT just an excuse to get drugs.

    You also need to get your pharmacist involved, to teach your doctor about ADHD meds and how to tell that they’re working.

    Because ADHD meds are controlled substances, there’s a big liability issue around prescribing them.  You’ll never find a doctor who will prescribe them to you without being fully acquainted with you and your medical history.  That rules out any doctors at after-hours clinics.

    If your doctor refuses to accept the expertise of your psychologist and pharmacist (and Dr. Umesh Jain, who is a leading expert on ADHD, and who co-founded TotallyADD.com), then you will have to find another doctor—preferably a younger one, who has had more recent training, which includes the latest information on ADHD.

    There is so much new information, so readily available, that there is no excuse for doctors NOT to be familiar with it.  Most of it is right here, on http://www.TotallyADD.com, in the Videos section.

    Encourage your doctor to view these videos, to familiarize himself with ADHD.  He can consider it an opportunity to consult leading experts, free of charge, at any time.

    Ask an Expert:  http://totallyadd.com/category/experts

    Straight Answers:  http://totallyadd.com/category/straight-answers

    What Is It?:  http://totallyadd.com/category/what-is-it

    Getting Diagnosed:  http://totallyadd.com/category/getting-diagnosed

    Medications:  http://totallyadd.com/medications  (6 videos, with unbiased, factual information)


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    You’re not able to see a different doctor in your area?


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    @Chacubee, so sorry this happened to you. Feeling “normal” is exactly the reaction you want. I felt the same way from Day 1 of medication. Many family doctors will only prescribe a month or so of Ritalin because it is a controlled substance, though some will.

    Are you comfortable enough with this doctor to try to educate him and provide the recommendation of your psychologist?


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    My ideal dose of ADHD medication is 108 mg of Concerta. Titration was done 15 years ago when I was in my late 50’s. Now my doctor will not go over 54 mg because of my blood pressure and my life has become hell.

    I can’t tell if I’ve taken the meds, but my wife, children, and grandchildren can. The “tests” I’ve done over the last year indicate that my blood pressure is only minimally affected by the meds. When I take the meds, my family does not yell at me and includes me in family activities. Without the meds, nobody wants to deal with me, and that creates a great deal of stress and higher blood pressure. I am in the 4th identified ADHD generation in my family. One of my children is incapacitated by ADHD. All my grandchildren have been diagnosed with ADHD and have either an IEP or are home schooled. The youngest (8) takes 25 mg of Focalin in the morning with a 14:00 5 mg fast acting booster. All branches of my family and my wife’s have ADHD expressed in a sibling or close relative. It’s hard to fight the conservativeness in the medical profession. I’m desperate enough to be contemplating a law suit.

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