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Does Anti-depresents make ADD symtoms worse?

Does Anti-depresents make ADD symtoms worse?2013-06-12T14:28:25+00:00

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    I have read that anti-depressants (especially SSRIs) dampen the brains ability to produce dopamine.  I have also read that the ADD brain lacks dopamine.  If this is so, and if an ADD person is taking anti-depressants wouldn’t it decrease the dopamine production even more thus causing the brain  to be even more slow, sluggish, and unable to focus properly?

    Dopamine is what makes a person able to be alert and enjoy physical pleasure.


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    They maybe could make ADHD symptoms worse, but then again, depression does as well.

    I was on a SSRI briefly once, but it made my brain the opposite of slow and sluggish.  For the first week, I had ADHD on crack instead, I had absolutely NO ability to filter out ANYTHING at all lol.  I could not drive, even changing lanes was beyond me with all the visual input I was being bombarded with, and I could not handle even being in the same room as a television.  It did settle after the first week though, and I am sensitive to meds to begin with, so I am not sure if everyone experiences that lol.



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    In my OWN experience and research (bare in mind it effects EVERYONE differently) it has not. I take both an SSRI and a stimulant. I cant imagine life without EITHER of them! I dont take the SSRI for ADD however. I take it to level my mood swings when I PMS.

    A SSRI increases your serotonin level while hardly effecting your dopamine levels which make them quite effective in that manner. So they dont really effect your dopamine level too much… Also SSRIs are more commonly used because they dont have too bad of side effects. Where as other anti-depressants (MAOIs) have significant side effects.

    Some people with ADD are treated with antidepressants instead of stimulants. Check out the medication forum to see which ones. They all have information on them.

    One thing to watch out for when taking SSRIs and stimulants is Serotonin Syndrome. Thats when your body is getting too much serotonin and it becomes toxic. You would notice it right away if it happened, it happens pretty quick. I know with MAOIs this risk is greatly increased because it takes a while for your system to get back to “normal” after taking it.


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    I took a couple of different anti-depressants. One I was given when I was specifically searching for help with ADHD. She didn’t believe I had it, and told me I was depressed.

    That was paxil, then zoloft. Neither had an effect on my symptoms (because I wasn’t depressed, darn it!).

    After giving birth to my 3rd child, I was legitimately diagnosed with severe post-partum depression, and took Lexapro.

    At first, I actually had relief from some of my ADHD symptoms. I definitely, within a shocking 15 minutes, felt differently. Lexapro works faster than the aforementioned drugs, though, and everyone said that was normal. After the initial few days, I can’t say my ADHD was affected. However, it kept me not-depressed for the next few months, while I struggled with PPD.

    I mention this because depression symptoms can mimic ADHD, sometimes. What I felt relief from may have been depression symptoms. At the time, I had not been diagnosed with ADHD, although, it had been suggested by that therapist. So it’s hard to say what was what, without a doc observing me for ADHD.

    Who knows? Basically, though if you feel better, and it’s keeping you functional in a good way, stick with it.

    Although, I think that there are some anti-depressant/ADHD drug combos out there. I have no idea for sure, though.

    Oh, I’m just soooo helpful.

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