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Doubting yourself

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    Does anyone else feel a sense of worry whenever you make a decision? I don’t know if its related to past impulsive acts or if this is completely non-add related and just my own hang ups but whenever I make a big decision I always end up with a sinking feeling that I’ve made a terrible mistake. For example I officially applied to adopt my foster kitten tonight. My parents ( who are helping me out with money while i’m in school) are fine with the idea, i usually have two cats so a second cat isn’t a big deal, she’s young and healthy, and there is really nothing wrong with the decision, despite maybe taking on a bit of adversity in the future ( ie finding a place to live, taking two cats eventually to the uk) but I know I can handle this. And yet as soon as I submitted the application I started panicking and second guessing myself. And this isn’t the first time. Sometimes this leads me to drag my feet in order to avoid actually making decisions, which is not a great strategy.

    I’m just wondering if anyone else feels this? Does anyone struggle with second guessing their choices as a result of bad impulse driven choices in the past?


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    Yes, but I think it has more to do wtih my anxiety disorder. But my anxiety and my ADHD are like this ::intertwines fingers:: in that my ADHD makes me think about stuff more and therefore worry more. Meds help a lot though. Sometimes if I just say to myself when I start worrying about “what ifs” is that it’s just my ADHD & anxiety gone wacky, and I can shake it off better.

    I think you’ll do great with the new kitten! Have you seen the kitten cam? http://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCam/TheSpiceKittens




    Patte Rosebank
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    That second-guessing is something that many of us experience, when making any sort of big commitment.

    Like, “I’m glad that I finally landed a full-time job, but how will I be able to handle NOT having all those hours free during the day?”. We hate replacing freedom with structure, even though the structure is what we really need, in order to function at our best.

    As for kitties, have you discovered Grumpy Cat yet? She’s an internet star, and she did a bunch of appearances in NYC last week (including on NBC’s “Today”). She’s a munchkin cat, and her mouth has a permanent scowling droop, so she looks very grumpy. But she’s actually perfectly healthy and happy, and her humans love her and take very good care of her. Her official website is http://www.grumpycats.com, and every day, her humans post another photo or two of her and her brother Pokey, under the title “The Daily Grump”.

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