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    Dr. J – When I first came across the video “ADD and Loving It” I laughed and then I just cried and cried. Here you were the person that I have been looking for. Someone that brings me hope after all these years of searching unsuccessfully. And on video!! Great for ADDers that have huge problems with reading and comprehension. First diagnosed many years ago, I’m in my mid fifties and I’m saddened by all the years that have gone by and all the dreams I have given up on. I live on southern Vancouver Island, BC, and am exhausted at finding a professional for ADD treatment. Over 350,000 people live here and only one doctor specializes in this and he was a huge disappointment. It would be wonderful to find someone with as much knowledge, genuine commitment and caring for ADD as you do. I am so tired of this disorder and find myself engaging in so very little as I get older because of never finishing things. So I just don’t start!! Your website gives me hope but where do I go from here? There seems to be lots of treatment back in New York and in Toronto but how about closer to Victoria and the West Coast?

    It would appear to me that once a person realizes they have this disorder that they would want to move heaven and earth to find solutions for their ADD. This website is wonderful for people to see what ADD is all about but the readers of this website would bennit greatly with information on where and how to get find treatment. This is the deal breaker! There must be some kind of process. If one can’t find professionals for treatment in their area what are they to do?

    It is so easy for ADDers to give up and go nowhere. I don’t want to do that any more.

    This disorder is like building a house. I have the property, a whole bunch of wood thrown on the land, a bunch of nails, cement, stacks of windows and a true desire to construct a home for a healthy, happy life. The only problem is that there are no blue prints. No plan to tackle this. That is what I am looking for. I know everyone tackles ADD in different ways but I need to find someone like yourself that can work together with me to finally figure out the ways to handle with this situation.

    This problem left untreated not only impairs me daily but my loved ones too. I’m looking forward to your guidance and suggestions. I wonder if anyone else living on the west coast has any helpful suggestions, as well.

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    There is an ADHD clinic at Women’s and Children’s Hospital at UBC but their adult program was having some funding problems. However, they may be able to direct you. I do believe that Dr. Derryck Smith is still taking patients and he is really good.

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