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elderly and adderall

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    Does a reputable psychiatrist prescribe adderall for a 74yo woman with heart problems??? Someone in Phoenix did this with my mom. She didn’t even give my mom a reason for taking it. She hasn’t been diagnosed with ADD, and she’s already taking a huge amount of other drugs. I asked my mom if her psychiatrist knew she had heart problems, and my mom didn’t know. Wouldn’t a good one ask this question before prescribing it? Are there other reasons, aside from ADHD, one would prescribe adderall.


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    It can be used for treatment of anxiety and depression, autism spectrum disorders, as well as narcolepsy. My psychiatrist told me the story of a local doctor who prescribed stimulants for all sorts of psychiatric disorders, because it will generally help anyone feel better (if they can tolerate the side effects), and then he went and suicided, leaving all his patients without a source of medication, as most other psychiatrists would not prescribe stimulants as a “cure all”. It caused all sorts of problems within the local psychiatric community! I would suggest your mum gets a new psychiatrist!!

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