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Electric shock from high voltage power lines and ADHD

Electric shock from high voltage power lines and ADHD2012-03-28T03:06:38+00:00

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    Any data out there confirming that receiving high voltage (entry through the head and exiting when my feet touched the ground). can cause ADHD.

    I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult years after the incident, And I know for certain I did not have

    ADHA as a kid.


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    My guess would be that a high voltage could possible cause some type of brain damage which would manifest itself in ways similar to ADHD. I suspect that these would resolve over time due to brain plasticity and “healing.” Perhaps not. I doubt ADHD meds such as Adderall would be of benefit to you.

    In general, the ADHD brain has identifiable differences in brain structure which, I don’t think, would be replicated by an electrical shock, although damage resulting in low neurotransmitters I think could be a possibility. Again, I think this would dissipate over time. ADHD would not.

    If you truly have ADHD, I suspect you had it as a child, but may have gotten by undetected until recently for any one of a varitey of reasons such as exceptionally high IQ. I question the diagnosis simply based on the fact that a diagnosis requires that the symptoms have to have been in place since childhood but can become worse over time. You say your symptoms began subsequent to the shock which would not fit the requirement.

    ADHD seems generally to be genetic or due to environmental causes prenatally or in early childhood. I’ve never seen anything to indicate it could be caused after reaching adulthood.

    You may find after learning more about ADHD and reading through the forum here that you have had ADHD symptoms since childhood or that you have exhibited behaviors as described by members here for quite some time.

    Whatever the case, welcome to the site and keep us informed.

    PS Don’t piss on any sparkplugs. ;) 😮


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    You could be right, but when I was younger I read many books and always able to focus with tasks at hand.

    These days I’m jumping from one task to another, with nothing being accomplished at end of day. For example, takes me a year just to finish a book.. Keep in mind that the electric shock was strong enough to destroy part of my feet(exit point). I wondering if its the same symptoms as ADHD but another neurological disorder?

    Ritalin helps me focus..

    I really do apprecate your comment. Keep them coming.

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