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emotions and feelings wait its the same thing thanks for listening

emotions and feelings wait its the same thing thanks for listening2010-02-11T19:50:11+00:00

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    the emotions i am feeling i have been feeling frustration anger down discouraged rough week uncle passed away ive been m9oody with lots of people pushing those that care away and am frustrated with myself and life i need to forgive myself yes its hard not easy i see potential and feel like its unmet i wish people who did not have it could see it yes they see it some cant stand it but you know how you wish you coudl hook them up to a machine so that way they feel and se the world the way you do so that it will stop feeling like they are criticizing you for not being focused or y would you say that out of the spontainious or y can you clean up organaization for me sucks this weeks been tough ive been sad ive been down ive been angry the job process i get upset feel sorry for myself i dont think its jealous but when people have found there niche but i am still seeking my niche i gone from job to job to job and cannot seem to find what i really enjoy and hava a passion for but i see people who have found that passion and said wow and wonder about myself i am still searching and looking but am tired at times of being sick and tired school for me was a struggle learning was difficult i have learned what type of work environments to avoid ie shops or heavy industrial i am more people skills i think but what jobs pay really well. i dont know its hard when you think you might have an interest in it and then become bored with it but the person you are working with or for has an absolute passion i wish people understood me instead of not understanding me or coming accross as not understanding me i like this site i enjoy and am glad i found it i am trying to use it as a too i am trying to understand but dont at times and its okay i do not need to understand everything but i am trying to watch videos and learn trying to get my wife to become a member she does not have adhd but i want her to understand i think she does sometimes but there is times when i feel or think she does not if people who do not have add understood i;m not saying all but there are those that are out there that do not have it and get frustrated with people who do and its sad that for something that has been around for so long there is not more understanding from people or even job market wise we are slower not so slow we are dumb but we do things slow or learn at our own pace i dont know we are creative fun to be around but i am going through frustration and anyways lost my train of thought thankyou for listening great now i am struggling with worry wory that employers will read this find out who i am not hire me my other struggle worry breathe okay


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    sorry to hear about your loss.

    all these thoughts are completely normal. i used to feel “jealous” of those who find their niche also…. my sister is one that i’d always envied. she just knew what she wanted to do by the age of 18. i’m 32 and still don’t know. hahahaha

    a machine would be awesome! i would want to make a “time/add(hd) machine”…. so once they understand where i’m coming from we could go back to the scenario with their new perspective and try again. :D however, i can say this. now that i’m at my acceptance stage… the first thing i did was apologize to all sorts of people. i’ve made phone calls to the ones that are still talking to me and emails to those that are not. not only for them, but for me… for everyone to get closer on events that may have been taken out of context or blown out of proportion. facing things is hard, but so worth it.

    don’t fret about employers (unless your email has shadow in it, too. if it does…. i recommend you getting an email addy that is solely for job searches. make it a first, last name… plus a number @whateveremailprovider.com (just a suggestion).

    someone in another post mentioned things about how people are quick to scoff if the condition is “in your head”. for the most part our brain functionality is still so foreign to people that any mental condition is deemed “scoff worthy” at times. hell, look how long it has taken for people to really truly start advocating and understanding autism.

    just make the best with what you have. when life gives you lemons… make lemonade!

    be well (((hugs)))

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