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Escaping the internet

Escaping the internet2014-02-17T16:31:17+00:00
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    I posted my tips for escaping the internet in the “Strategies for Work” forum, post “Internet vs. Clock: Round 20,345 — Tips??”:

    1. Parental Controls

    2. No Smartphone.

    Good luck, everyone.



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    Patte Rosebank
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    @Larynxa, Ummmmm wasn’t that an either/or?



    Unfortunately I have to use the internet quite often for research and to start the process of searching citations. Of course this leads me to finding far more squirrels than anything else.

    I have this box I made with a few LED’s on it from a few spare chips and a digital kitchen timer (which my wife was still wanting to use. That is another story). The LED’s blink at random intervals so I can’t get used to them sitting there blinking at me. I put a sticky note on the box with a message to my future self describing the task I need to complete. Set the timer for 15min. When the timer goes off, the annoying lights blink and demand my attention. I see the note and get back on task after resetting the timer. Rinse and Repeat until the task is complete.

    The system isn’t perfect, but it works with my brain.

    The first models were so annoying, they broke into a zillion pieces, when swatted off my desk. I still have to repair the marks on office wall.

    I think I can come up with a software version in JAVA or something. I am sure it would be easier on the walls, but I do like the smell of solder in the mornings!


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    That is a really good idea, making so that you can’t ignore/forget the note. I write countless notes and usually end up seeing them at the end of the day or the next day and thinking “oh, right, I was going to do that….”

    I would suggest affixing it to the desk in some way so that it can’t be swatted off. And buying a new kitchen timer for your wife. A nice one.

    The problem with parental controls, or timers with annoying blinking lights, or any system I employ myself is that I can just as easily unemploy it.



    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    I’m trying to see the Internet as kind of a neutral thing.

    It’s a means of transmitting information. Like a book. A book can be full of valuable information, helpful ideas, or inspiring wisdom. Or it can be Mein Kampf.

    I used to be lost in libraries the way I can get lost online today.

    The strategy that works for me to prevent me spending hours surfing the net is to see the timer on my iPhone for 15 minutes, with the most annoying sound as the alarm, and then put it across the room so I have to get up and shut it off. And right beside it is my to-do list.

    It works well.

    When I remember to do it. (Blush)

    Maybe my To Do list should always start with, “Set the Timer.”

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