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Executive dysfunction???

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    So I joined a while back wondering if I had ADD. I have since been in therapy and gotten help and support. That said, I don’t think I have ADD. But I do think I may, at least, have weak executive function. Here’s the skinny:
    I have major trouble organizing, starting and finishing tasks. To the point that I spent years unemployed because I couldn’t get myself to fill out job applications, or if I did start I couldn’t maintain it, and often started applications and took ages and ages to finish them. I have a job now, have had it for six months, and am actually doing great with it!
    But I realize if I don’t get a handle on my executive dysfunction just in general, that in the future I could end up in the same rut I was before and back where I started. And I still struggle with Getting Stuff Done! Everything’s great on the job front, just not on the home front. I’m having trouble getting myself to keep up with ANY chores at all, and I’m doing decent enough with personal hygiene but still pushing it in the procrastination department.

    Before I had a job, this was all affecting my mental health, like a freaking lot. But now I’m pretty much okay on the mental health front. Because so long as I have a ob it gives me a sense of self worth. So the motivation to do anything but hold down my job is…. Just not there tbh.
    My therapist is working with me to get these things in order and learn how to deal with them.

    So here is my question:
    Is it possible to have bad executive dysfunction skills without necessarily having a disorder? Because I truly and honestly struggled hard with that stuff for years, which is why for a time I looked into the possibility of ADD. But having come to the conclusion that I don’t have an attention deficit, I’m at a loss as to why I struggle so hard with this.
    Oh, I did end up diagnosed with social anxiety and OCD while going to therapy.


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    You might find some good info in this new blog TotallyADD just posted about Executive Function https://totallyadd.com/blog/there-is-no-adhd-expert-in-my-brain/

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