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    I was told by the sleep doc (who is working in conjunction with the lady helping with the ADD)

    *No showers (or baths) any closer to bed time than 2 hours. If you go to bed at 10, then no showers after 8

    *No caffeine after noon.

    *2 hours before normal bed time, wind down – no bright lights, no stimulating TV (like that even exists any more), that sort of thing.

    If you DO watch TV, make it a no-brainer or boring show (that’s simple, no TV shows require much thought any more, most are mindless garbage),

    *DO read a boring book…………

    *No computers or Internet 2 hours before bed time.

    * Keep a journal, write in it before bed to “unload and unwind”. If you need to fix or change something done that day, don’t lose sleep over it, write it down and deal with it the next day (I often lose sleep over undone things, or mistakes I made on a project I need to correct, or things I’d like to change in something – don’t lose sleep, list it, do it tomorrow)

    no_dop – your comment:

    >>Do I have ADHD? The sleep specialist doesn’t think it’s prominent, the ADHD specialist thinks I’m a textbook case,<<

    In MY case, both AGREE 100% I’m strongly ADD, textbook case, pretty bad.

    However, the sleep doc said that regardless of the ADD – I needed to make some changes for the sleep issues, AND they are working together as the way they treat my sleep issues is often similar to the ADD treatments – and the sleep doc seemed to know quite a little bit about ADD which was a good thing. Se was concerned about my sleep issues, didn’t know if one was causing the other, or not, or really unrelated, but she said the priority was treat the ADD, and “see how it goes”, and gave me a big list of things to do to help my sleep issues.

    Frankly, the ADD treatment IS helping my sleep issues – and the habits the sleep doc said I needed to change, and things to work on, those are helping, too.

    I signed some papers telling them they could share any and all information with each other, no matter how they discovered it, or who, share it. So they did, and they talked to each other about me. (the hipaa laws and such are fine, but at times strangle our attempts to get doctors to WORK TOGETHER for a comprehensive plan!)


    bill, it was opposite for me, my ADD psychiatrist said “treat the sleep issues first, then treat any residual ADD”. The sleep psychiatrist said he was very smart to suggest the sleep study before going forward with ADHD treatment.

    I slept better at night on ritalin, and have read that it helps sleep issues with adults with ADHD, but I have not had a sleep study while on ritalin so I don’t know if it helps with the fragmented sleep that I have. Very definitely family and clinical history of narcolepsy for me, so that takes priority, and getting my sleep settled down with a sedative for a few months.

    I have been listening to the CD of the No More Sleepless Nights book, it’s interesting, they give different perspectives depending on the issue you might have. For example, in older people (like me, getting there) the change in body temperature overnight is less than in a younger person, normally the temp drops a few degrees and hits its low around 4 am. But for older people, it doesn’t drop much at all. So the book/CD suggested that an older person could have a warm/hot bath (I forgot which) before going to bed, in order to raise the body temp and achieve the temp difference that way.

    I’m glad we’re all working on our sleep issues here, it’s so important!


    Sleep forms the most important part of human life. Proper exercise is quiet an essential to solve sleep issues in a person. However, the time you exercise plays an important role. Early morning hours is the best time to exercise.


    I have a hard time to get to sleep I can be tired and ready for bed but I toss and turn for an hour or more can’t get comfortable then when I get to sleep good luck waking me up lol I could sleep 12 hours and still feel really tired and I also get tired when I’m driving I have to have music playing when I’m driving I love to drive and had driving Jobs loved them so if there are any that people can success me to try I’m all ears thanks

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