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Experiences with Dexedrine?

Experiences with Dexedrine?2012-01-08T02:09:18+00:00

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    Just wondering what your experiences with Dexedrine have been? Especially in regards to symptoms of impulsivity,poor motivation, inattention and impatience. I have the combined type no hyperactivity but LOADS of impulsivity and restlessness when it comes to impatience and needing to move to think.

    Ritalin helped with my motivation and impatience but gave me chest pain, extreme dry mouth and cold sweats, racing heart and agressiveness/irritability.

    I’m on my 3rd day of Dex and so far love it as I havent had one single negative symptom. At least for me it’s not negative cause it’s increased my appetite and I need to gain weight :). I have just been taking half a pill twice a day and today took a whole pil twice a day and feel totally normal. So far I havent noticed a huge difference in my symptoms (not at noticible as the ritalin) but I do feel happier, calmer (not drugged calm though just myself) and am able to sleep much better and relax! It’s as if my mind isnt flodded with a million thoughts at once. I also don’t feel irratated or impatient and havent been bitchy at all since starting it. Which is unique for me. I find that once it wares off I realize how distracted I am and how annoyed I get and how I don’t have a filter for what I say or do. Hmm so I guess it’s working just without the shock and awe. That’s good :) My psyciatrist said I can take up to 2 pills twice a day.. since I havent had any sideeffects maybe I should try that to see if I get a bit more out it as far as helping my symptoms? I’m on vacation right now so this is the time to experiment as soon I’ll be back to work. I think I’m gonna need a little more of a boost in order to function better at work.

    What are your thoughts?


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    What dose are your individual Dex pills? I think 5 mg is the basic. I have been using these in combination with Vyvanse. Vyvnase for about a month and dex for about 2 weeks. In case you are not familiar, Vyvanse is a chelated form of Dex so that it is time released over 8-12 hours. For me it lasts about 9-10 hours. I use Dex ( sometimes) either before I take Vyvanse as it is faster acting and gives the Vy time to ramp up. Other times I take Dex when the Vy is wearing off. I find that sometimes I get cranky and down whenthe Vy wears off so the Dex provides a bit of a lift. Side effects? HMMM I was having sleep problems ( mostly getting a full sleep) before I started this regimen. I think the Dex/Vy has not improved that situatiion and may have contributed somewhat to that.

    On balance thought the Vy/Dex combo, for me, is much as you described( although Appetite is neutral for me). It helps a lot to get focussed.


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    I found my first week with Dexadrine to be a bit of a revelation.  I could focus on conversations that didn’t interest me and get more done.  The first day was wierd though – around noon when the med was at its peak my brain felt like it was litterally humming.  It was disconcerting at first – it was like I was hyper aware.  That didn’t repeat itself.  I found myself getting used to the drug and upped my doseage.  Then I developed a nasty mouth fidgiting habit and went to the Dr. to see about another med.  On concerta now. 

    I did experience a lot of appetite suppression under Dexadrine.  Not so much with concerta.


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    Started dexamphedamine 13days ago headaches to start, they have stopped 2days ago. Dry mouth last few days last dose had no dry mouth. Have not noticed much difference in myself other than getting to sleep better as I have no inner chatter while trying to sleep. Anxciousness around my new job of 8 weeks has been reduced but dont know if this is just because I have reach that point naturally or with dex. Read very long words fluidly during reading. Understand whats written better.My brother talked of being turned on ,brain  wise.Seeing better, concerntration, remembering , turned his life around. All started in the first week. I am now up to 1, 5mg first then another 3 hrs latter, then 3 half tabs  over the next 9 hrs  3 hr intervills. Still doing fast, missing things verbal and visual, still using written lists needing to double check myself for shortcomings. Making silly mistakes still. Can some one share knowledge of this med or their owen. Thanks in addvance disapointed greentree.

    Seeing doc in2 days to talk .


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    Hello greentree,

    I used to take Ritalin (methylphenidate) and it was brilliant at first but I found it didn’t last long and I was taking progressively higher doses for it to work. It also started making me feel a bit irritable. The longer lasting version, Concerta, didn’t agree with me al all, despite me being OK on Ritalin – at least at the start.

    My Psych decided to try me on Dex a few weeks ago. I find it stronger than Ritalin and I think it is working much better. I still get a headache with it but not a bad one – it’s more like the buzzing feeling described earlier. I take 5mg in the morning, at lunch time and around mid-late afternoon. When I took Ritalin, I slept really well but I don’t get the same effect with Dex so I need to take it way before bedtime.

    I think it helps me concentrate and I don’t get so wound up by noises and stress at work. There are days when it works better than others. I have discovered that a regular timing is good. If I am particularly stressed or tired it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much, but I think it must be?

    So at the moment I am very happy with it – I hope I am not tempting fate by saying that. I used to say the same about Ritalin.

    I have realised though, that whilst Dex helps me, it doesn’t run my life for me. So I still need to make lists but it reminds me to look at my lists. So it helps me to help myself if that makes sense.

    Neither of the meds I have taken have turned my life around, but the Dex is helping me to do that. When I don’t take it then I know what the alternative is like.

    What you describe is a bit like the way I felt when I took Ritalin.

    Everyone is different and maybe methylphenidate (Ritalin) might suit you better. There is some evidence to show that people who don’t respond to one med may respond to the other.  Have a chat with your doctor and see what s/he thinks.

    I do hope you get a drug that works – having the difference they can make at your fingertips but just out of grasp is frustrating. Keep at it – it can take a while to get the right med and the right dose.

    You have only take Dex for a fortnight and at a stressful time with a new job so maybe give it the month and then try Ritalin – or Vyvanse?


    Good luck with it all.


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