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Father refuses medication

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    I have a son in the 7th grade. He was diagnosed with ADD in the 3rd grade. His father has refused medication and treatment. My son’s father and I are not together and it is a contentious relationship. Our son is has been suffering in school for many years now. He struggles every year with paying attention and being a distraction in class. In fact, there are permanent notes in his school records regarding special accommodations due to behavior issues. I recently attempted to negotiate our son going back on medication. Instead of working with me, his father has decided to take me back to court, claiming that I am trying to medicate our son, because I am a failure as a parent and irresponsible.

    My question is if any of you know a doctor that is willing to go to court and testify about ADD. The Neurologist I have taken my son to, does not want to get involved and the school system has tried to stay out of litigation as well. I have all of my son’s records and testing which indicates that he is ADD, however, expert testimony is hard to find. It’s really a shame how the school system and doctors will know there is a problem, but they will not back up the child when it comes down to court.


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    That sounds like a legal problem. You might want to contact your divorce attorney. I am very pessimistic today, so I will stop here.


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    If you have custody of your son, your son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and has been given a prescription for medication, how can your ex prevent your son from getting the treatment he needs?

    If you have to go into court and you have records of a diagnosis of ADHD requiring medication, how can the court reverse the medical diagnosis and order that the medication be discontinued without proving that ADHD does not exist or that the diagnosis is incorrect?

    What does child protective services have to say about withholding medication prescribed to a child?

    Can your son’s school system or the doctor that gave the diagnosis avoid going to court if served with a subpoena?

    Do the school records support a positive effect produced by medication?

    Let us know what you find out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)