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Feeling hopeless

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Brian– 230 lbs, 5’10, age 26. I was diagnosed with inattentive type about 6 months ago and started exploring drug options with my doctor 4 months ago. I am petrified that no medication will ever work for me. Thus far I have been gradually increasing my dosage of Intuniv (currently at 2mg) and Vyvanse (started at 20mg, now at 40). So far, nothing. I have tried hard not to get my hopes up, but at the same time, I have spent hundreds of dollars on diagnostics, doctor appointments, and prescription copays, only to be increasingly frustrated as my symptoms remain the same and I continue to let myself and others down. I know that medication is not a magic cure, but everyone I’ve talked to has said that ADHD medication has been life-changing for them. With this in mind, I have a few questions for you all. First, how long did it take before you found that your medication regimen created a noticeable difference? Second, does increasing your dosage gradually rather than suddenly build a tolerance, thus minimizing the drug’s effects? Lastly, has anyone found that other drugs work better for them than Vyvanse? I have heard that Vyvanse is considered the most effective/safest stimulant for ADHD, but so far I have experienced no change, other than mild anxiety side effects.

    Thank you all

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