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    So, exciting news!

    After a long struggle, especially with family, I finally decided to try some medication. I am now on Dexedrine, and I am very happy with the results.

    My grandparents know, but my mom doesn’t, she would be furious. But I’m working at a desk job for 40 hours and a gas station for another 21 hours a week, so I don’t have the time to exercise, which is usally how I cope. I didn’t know I was going to have this job, so I dismissed going on meds becase I wanted to be home to play with dosage with my doctor but thought to try it for the summer was pointless if I wasn’t at school to really see if they worked. And I usually cope fine at school anyway because I run daily. But things changed when I got this brutal desk job which I had to take to pay for school because its full time and pays more than minimum wage (I go to a super expensive private university so I need to make as much money as possible). Besides, I’m 20 now and its time to make some decisions for myself on what is best for me.

    So I’m really happy with the results so far, everything just seems quieter in my head and its easier to focus. It was hard at first just feeling a faster and harder heartbeat because that’s a feeling I associate with being sick because i usually have a lower resting HR, being a runner. But that has subsided. The only other thing is my appetite, it plummeted, and I’ve lost about 4-4.5lbs in the past 2 and a half weeks. I already am very light, so this isn’t great for me and I’m really feeling it. I’m going to hopefully try to be putting myself on a better diet plan, so I eat something whether I feel like it or not. And while I love vegetables, I’m eating too much of those and not enough meat, beans, and nuts, so I’m going to try to get some more fat in me. Gotta gain at least 3 pounds back.

    I plan on keeping with it for the summer, and then probably going back off of them once I am back in school and running, except for big assignments and papers and exam times.

    So, some of you asked for an update on whats going on, so that’s it! :)


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    Hi – thanks for your update. That’s great news and I’m glad you’re happy with your meds.

    You must try to eat regularly though. The loss of appetite shouldn’t last too long. Try to eat before you take your meds if you can.

    Re. your Mother – make sure you don’t let her find out by accident. From what you have said in the past she might be more annoyed at being excluded from your decision than by you taking the meds per se.

    Good for you for taking control of your life and health!


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    Happy for you deciding for yourself to try them! Re: your appetite. Some meds affect appetite more, some less. Don’t be afraid to try something different to see if it allows you to feel hungrier. My son was on Concerta for a few years and then switched to Vyvanse, which, in his words, “makes me want to talk more and eat more than the Concerta did”.

    Take care, and give yourself a pat on the back for working so hard this summer!!


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