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Finally moving forward

Finally moving forward2010-11-04T19:32:20+00:00

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    So two years ago I got diagnosed with ADHD and an LD by a Psychologist. I tried going to my family Doctor in order to get treatment and he referred me to a Psychologist who was quite frankly, awful. It put me off going for help for a while. But when I went in for my annual physical, I decided to give it another go. I told my family Doctor about my experience and he referred me to someone at Credit Valley Hospital.

    I went for intake today, and the Doctor seemed really good. He listened and asked good questions. At the end he gave me some info on stimulant meds, so when I go for my followup visit next week we can discuss medications.

    So all in all, I’m feeling upbeat.


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    Great job sticking with it! I can totally relate to putting something off that hasn’t worked out the first time. But you stuck with it and you’re moving in the right direction. Best wishes in the future and keep us posted.

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