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    I’m having a difficult time picking a doctor to help diagnose my ADHD an ex a couple of years suggested I talk to her doctor but all he did was offer to write me a prescription. How can I find the right doctor to help do a proper diagnosis.



    Beaverton Oregon

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    Lorrin, start here:


    You have to ask questions and get your doc educated.

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    VERY timely, thank you. I, too, am looking for a professional to help. I’m very certain, confident I have AD/HD, but now need to find the proper course or courses of action. My son was helped a lot with meds when younger, gee, even now when he takes them. I max out on most tests, so it looks like I need to prepare myself so I know when I go in if the doctor has enough knowledge and skill to help.

    Thanks for the link. There’s a lot more to this site than I first thought.

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    I was diagnosed in college with ADD. I went back to college at the age of 40, I tried over the years to go to college but I lost interest. Anyway, went back at 40 and a teacher told me she thought I had a learning disability. I got hooked up with DVR and was tested. Doctor was shocked at my scores, said there was no way I could fake that score. Whatever that really meant. Anyway, I finished college and have never found the right medication for me, I tried Ritelin, that didn’t work. A few doc’s tried me on antidepressants. Proxac, I was out of my head on that s—! Paxil helped, but I gained to much weight. I need a medication really meant for ADD. Can anyone help me? I have no health insurance. I own a small business. So I can pay cash. I need to find a doctor in the Tacoma, WA. area that specializes in ADD/ADHD.

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    I assume you mean these folks:


    If that’s the case, that agency should have multiple counselors. Contact ’em again and find a counselor who has dealt directly with this situation. I know in our state it’s a royal pain – you get put in a waiting list, it can take weeks or months, etc. etc. but I also know each counselor has their own strong and weak areas. We’ve got counselors who are blind, deaf, etc. and they, for example, have great experiences with those areas. Our agency administrator just left to take a position in DC and if I can find his new contact info, I’d just about post it here…… he’s so into this, he’s made it his life.

    Interesting that our voc rehab is part of the department of ed, not DHS (thank goodness!) and they have quite a partnership with the area colleges. But it’s among the leading VR in the country.

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    I tried getting help a few years ago. I had been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD as a kid. Did some online assesments etc… looked at my life and really wanted to make some progress for a change. Went through an agency at my local hospital to get a referal. Once I got to the Doctor all he did was prescribe me medication and send me on my way. I took the meds hoping it would change things. I had no expectation that it would fix everything but hoped I would see some sort of progress proving I was on the right track.

    Turns out the medication wasn’t for ADHD. He had diagnosed me as being clinicly depressed. I found out by going online and researching what the medication was for when it didn’t seem to be changing anything, well at least nothing usefull. Instead of getting a sense of mental clarity I felt emotionally dead.

    I have a hard time working through a preset plan but was hoping I could get some advice on what to do so I get somewhere with this.

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