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Focus@Will has ADHD music tracks, science-based

Focus@Will has ADHD music tracks, science-based2014-01-24T17:11:35+00:00

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    Barb (WrightWords)
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    A writing friend of mine (non-ADD) posted a link to this site to help us focus on actually writing https://www.focusatwill.com/

    I checked it out to see if it could help me get in the “flow” — and to read the science. I was skeptical… but it has really helped me. Seems to be based on beats-per-minute (I’ve linked the science below)

    I fit into what they call the UpTempo ADD model: I put this on, and I can actually write. Clean. Sort. Organize. THINK. ACCOMPLISH.

    Interestingly for us is their music for ADHD: It’s a lot of what I call “angry teenage boy music” and explains why my late bf focused better when he listened to that music. Awesome testimonials that it works for some – about 20%.

    Free version available; paid has some good features for $24.99 a year. Available for PC, MAC, Android and iOS.

    If you try it, let me know if it helps.


    not affiliated in any way, just an enormous – and relieved – fan!


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    Sounds a lot like Lumosity, with the same type of science behind it. I guess if you like it and find it helpful it’s worth paying the subscription price.

    I think I’ll stick with the selection of free music I already have. I can tell if it’s the right beats/minute or whatever simply by whether or not I focus better with it on. “Angry teenager” is one of my favourite types of music, so that makes sense to me. But my music selection varies widely from day to day, depending on my mood. What helps me to focus one day will annoy or distract me the next.

    One of my favourite selections for doing the housework is Latin music. Most of the songs have a fast beat that’s good for getting moving. And since I don’t speak Spanish I can’t understand the words so I just tune them out and they don’t become a distraction like they would with other songs.

    Anyway, thanks for posting the links. It is something to think about and I’m sure a lot of people here will find it helpful.


    Barb (WrightWords)
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    Hi Blackdog, thanks for the reply!

    Focus @will in my mind is not much like Lumosity other than it is science based and brain focused. It is an “in the moment” tool to improve focus and mindfulness, rather than a long-term improvement.

    I can see them working well as complementary tools!

    I am very please you have found music that works for you. I have tried all kinds myself but either 1/ lose the tracks 2/ lose where I put the tracks 3/ get jolted by a song that doesn’t fit 4/ get utterly distracted when I try to create a playlist…

    Love the idea of music in a language one doesn’t understand!! Brilliant!

    Anyone who tries this, would love to hear your results.



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    I have tried this – it really works! I like the water sounds best (white noise) but also use the ambient music track when I am writing. I was pretty amazed by how calm it made me feel.

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