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Free Relaxation Recording for ADHD

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    “Restless Relaxation” is for people whose racing thoughts are keeping them up at night. It uses the experience of people with ADHD, but does not mention ADHD and is just fine for anyone needing some respite from their busy minds. The approach is different from the traditional approach of stilling the mind, and more like modern mindfulness training. And it doesn’t use monotonous repetition to bore the listener to sleep! (Two of the observations I have read in these forums in other discussions.)

    It is based on my observations of what’s going on when I fall asleep. A while ago, I started a dream journal and noted what I was experiencing whenever I woke up. A couple of times something jerked me awake just as I was falling asleep and I noticed an interesting process. It wasn’t that my mind was slowing down. Just the opposite. It was more like a ping pong ball or Ricochet Rabbit (for those of you who remember that old cartoon), bouncing off ideas. What was changing was not the speed of my thoughts, but the focus. I would be consciously remembering something like a meeting that had happened that day and then some detail, like a door or something on the desk, would trigger a different image, like another door or something the same colour as the object. The images quickly became random and fantastic, as my imagination took over from my memory and the thoughts turned into something like dreams.

    The recording also focuses on the physical side of sleep, starting with deep, slow, rhythmic breathing. It is designed to be listened to in bed. I have it on my iPod, which I put under my pillow.

    I recorded it for myself, but when others were interested, I tested it with a small group of friends who use relaxation recordings. They liked it, but I’d like to see how fellow ADHD’rs experience it.

    So, here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0KpjCjDCR-NMU5zZEYxeWdBTG8

    Please leave comments below and be direct. If you hate it, please tell me why. If you like it, let me know how I can make it better.



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