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Funny story about taking the evaluation tests

Funny story about taking the evaluation tests2018-12-29T18:29:17+00:00

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    I was pretty sure I was diagnosed as a kid, but a lot of things happened (which I’ll make another post about!). So I’m going through the process now. My psychologist is actually ADHD himself and seems like a pretty cool guy.

    I come in for the TOVA test thing this morning, where you react to visual and audio stimuli.

    During the visual test, he was moving around and talking during the first part of the instruction. And I was like DID I MISS SOMETHING I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE PRACTICE TEST. what if I’m sitting here doing the practice test for like an hour and it’s never ending? Maybe I need to hit a button. Oh the patterns are changing. What if this is just a trick test and the real test is if I didn’t pay attention to the instructions. omg what do I dooooooo? Oh guess not.

    During the audio test, I’m doing better. But then halfway through, I’m looking around on the desk. There’s a box of colored pencils. I am literally sitting there trying to come up with all the words I can from the words “Colored Pencils”. Red, lore, Pen*s, OOOPS there’s a high pitch!

    I think we can stop right there.

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