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Gabapenten – ADHD & Chronic Pain

Gabapenten – ADHD & Chronic Pain2018-05-23T22:41:11+00:00

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    Hello everyone! You’ve all heard the story of “The Princess & the Pea”. Well my story is “The Drama Queen & the C.P.P.”. Yes, “C.P.P.”, not “Pea”! Rather than the docile, sleep-deprived maiden of the original story, my Drama Queen’s response to unwanted stimulus is a ‘bit’ over the top!

    On top of ADHD & Depression I also have Chronic Pelvic Pain (C.P.P.). If you have ADHD, you already know you have a nervous system that is different. It is constantly looking for stimulation. But when you have a chronic pain disorder, it is not a fun combination.

    I say that my Central Nervous System (CNS) is a Drama Queen whose first response to pain is to jump to the worst extreme conclusion possible. When this occurs, it sends out chemical signals to surrounding pain receptors, who jump on this information like a big juicy rumour, spreading it around like an invite to the Prince’s Ball!

    This big, false rumour goes screaming up the spinal cord to the brain. For folks with chronic pain, this rumour is so amazing the brain puts this story on ‘Repeat’, intensifying and extending the amount of pain messages it receives. It attempts to send a response back down, but the message gets hijacked, yanked into the other lane, & heads back up the spinal cord to be misinterpreted as another pain message. Amazing & highly frustrating at the same time!

    For CPP sufferers, pain is caused not only by physical stimuli, but emotional as well. The Pudendal Nerve innervates the bladder, sex organs, & bowels. Interesting Fact💡: These are the only organs which are directly affected by emotion. Think about it…your nose doesn’t get tingly when you’re in the mood. This is what is behind the term “I was so scared I peed my pants”! Being scared, angry, or anxious causes the CPP pelvic muscles to become tightly cramped, unable to stretch & overly sensitive.

    The Drama Queen is REALLY annoying to watch a movie with! The spooky music is a dead give-away: Something is going to happen…any moment now…this is not a surprise…and yet…AAAAAAUGHHHHHHH!!! The Drama Queen JUMPS in grand, spassed-out style!! Yeeeeesh!!!

    In short, I have a CNS that both craves stimulation & over-reacts to it at the same time. It is ridicilously sensitive…and thus, the Gabapenten.

    This medication works like a “Sssshhhhhh”, dampening down the intensity of the pain receptors. Witbout it, I would be in bed by 4:00 pm, absolutely DONE for the day. In short, it gave me my life back.

    Diagnosis took a long time: years & rabbit trails. I then worked for a year with a team of professionals at the Chronic Pain Clinic in Calgary: M.D., Psychiatrist, Physiotherapy, Psychologist, Nutritionist, & Occupational Therapist. They were AMAZING and helped me so very much! The Psychiatrist very slowly lowered the amount of Anti-Depressants; from 225 mg Effexor & 150 mg Wellbutrin, all the way down to just 35 mg of Effexor. The Dexedrine remained at 30 mg/day. My Gabapenten dose is 1800 mg (3 x 600 mg per day). I find I can get a lot done, but if I forget to take a dose, the pain eventually makes itself known.

    My hope is that this is an encouragement to anyone out there who is dealing with this particular combination of issues. Look for a Physiotherapist who specializes in Pelvic Disorders…the amount of damage I have could not be undone on my own: I needed help. There are some muscles that a person just can’t reach on their own! Accept that this really IS a Big Deal…but you CAN get through it… slowly. One thing we ADHD folks have in common is resiliency…we don’t stop trying. While a wise man once said, “Keep your stick on the ice”, I’ll add, “Life may have cross-checked you, but crawl back onto your skates, find your helmet, wipe the snow off yoir glasses, figure out which way the play is going, & get back in the game. And don’t forget to grab your stick too…you’ll need it!”

    Love & Blessings,
    Kim S.

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