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go, stop, start over, and go again

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    I’m running into an issue. I’ve been reading several websites and books about ADD and how to treat it. I tried medication once, but it didn’t really help. So, I figured if it didn’t help, I must not have ADD. Since then, i’m on my second job and still struggling.

    My problem is that when I get a new job I’m pumped and I go like crazy for a couple months. Then I’m back to the old me and my motivation is gone. I’ve read about keeping organized and keeping up on things, my problem there is that If I have everything listed out and organized….theres nothing left to do, so I do nothing.

    I find it so difficult to push past what has to be done and do what should be done.

    Any tips or help or ideas that anyone here has used to combat this kind of issue.


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    Were you diagnosed with ADD? if not, then get tested so you know. There’s an on-line “test” on this site that isn’t definitive but is helpful for a start. Look to the very top of this screen, centre, and click on VIRTUAL TEST.

    2) meds: you have to experiment to find which ones work and don’t work, for you; everyone is different and you need to know that “one size fits all” does NOT apply here. You have tried only 1 med and then stopped. Another one may have worked really well for you.

    3) Your job behaviour is typical of an ADD person, but that doesn’t mean you are…so get tested.

    4) Job: regardless of ADD or not, figure out what you really like to do and are good at, then go do that. right now sounds like you get bored easily so you may not really enjoy what you do.

    Good luck, let us know what happens, Jim


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    Thanks Jim,

    I was diagnosed a couple years ago, although I want to get rediagnosed. I didn’t really feel the guy was confident, he pulled out his diagnostic book while we were interviewing?

    I did try a couple meds. We tried welbutrin first that did nothing, then we moved on to Vyvanse. The Vyvanse worked well for a while. Typically a couple days at a time. Then if I went off it for a few days it would work for a couple. But I just don’t like taking medications in general. Maybe there is another type of med to try, I don’t know, but I do want to get tested again.

    Thanks for telling me about the online test. It suggests I may have inattentive type ADD. Which I knew from somewhere in the past, Either my doctor or another online test somewhere else.

    I think my first step is going to be to talk to try and see if I can find an adult ADD specialist out her(Colorado). Then I’ll get tested and go from there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)