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Go to Dr. or cope with it?

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    Ok, this has been a long journey for me .  I was first diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade. I had a very hard time learning in elementary school and could not read until around 4th grade. But then for a few years I made quick progress and really caught up.   During high school I decided I didn’t want to take my ADHD medicine and just stopped.  Probably one of those dumb teenager decisions.  But by the time my parents noticed I hadn’t been taking my Ritalin my grades were still ok and they allowed me to stay off my meds.    I really had learned good coping strategies for dealing with my ADHD and even though I struggled I was successful without medication.

    I completed college and have had a steady job for many years now without ADHD medication.   But I am still very cognoscent of how easily distracted I am, how difficult it is for me to stay organized, and how painfully difficult it is for me to sit still for long.  I believe I hide it from other  well but am still coping with ADHD daily.

    Which brings me to this post (almost).  Two years ago my doctor put me on adipex (phentermine) for weight loss.  I’ve been told this medication is similar to Ritalin?   During the three months I was on the adipex my concentration was much clearer, it was MUCH easier for me to complete tasks, and I felt great.  I felt like I had control over my thoughts.

    So, should I talk to my doctor about going back on Ritalin after being off of it for 20 years.  Or should I forget about it since I am successfully coping without the medication?

    I am very hesitant to talk to the dr about this – I am very hesitant about medication again.  I’ve been pondering this for two years since coming off the adipex.

    Any and all opinions are welcome.  Thanks.





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    Talk to your doctor and get some meds.  You can try them, use them every day if you like,  or only when you need them.  There is really no need to do without when they can be of benefit.


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