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Headaches – Is it Wellbutrin or Ritalin?

Headaches – Is it Wellbutrin or Ritalin?2013-07-04T03:00:31+00:00

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    Hi all. I’m hoping someone may be able to help me sort this out.

    I take both Wellbutrin and Ritalin. Was on Wellbutrin, then upped the dose, got way too much anxiety, then put the dose down, then off, then back on and up again. This is within the past 6ish months, all working with my doctor. Started Ritalin about 3ish months ago, maybe more, upped the dose a couple months ago.

    Anyway, for the past month or so, I’ve had almost constant headaches. Started small, but has gotten crippling, to the point of nausea and vomiting. They come and go, sometimes they’re not so bad, sometimes I can’t sleep it hurts so much. Painkillers do nothing, even Tylenol 3s.

    I’m now working with my awesome pharmacist to try to figure this out. First we thought maybe dehydration because I was mostly drinking coffee or diet coke all day without realizing. I’m drinking more water and its a little better. Then we thought maybe its the Wellbutrin, so he had me stop on Friday to see if the headaches would go away. The withdrawal has been awful and of course its taken me until today to realize that’s what’s going on. I’ve been nasty irritable, isolating, sleepy, missing work, totally unmotivated, etc… Headaches are better. Still there though.

    So the question is, is it the Wellbutrin causing them or the Ritalin (cause they seem to have started after I started Ritalin) or something else completely? Anyone else have this problem? I don’t really want to go off Wellbutrin because it seems to help with motivation.

    Wow this post was so much longer than I meant it to be. I sure do ramble when it’s late and I should be sleeping. 🙂


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    I have no experience of  Wellbutrin but I to take Ritalin. I often get a headache with Ritalin – mostly if I am lacking sleep or am stressed about something or if I don’t drink enough water or juice.

    The big thing was caffeine withdrawal. I used to drink a lot of coffee but it doesn’t mix with Ritalin so cut down. But I find if I have a cup when the Rit is wearing off, then it minimises any headaches.

    Also, I find if I take a lower dose of Ritalin but more frequently so I don’t crash more than once a day then that minimises headaches too.


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