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Help at school ( K-6)

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    I need some advice because my teacher has been failing me because i cant really focus. can anybody help?


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    Here is my advise, it worked for me. (I tried to keep it in order, but I don’t know much from K-3)

    1) Get a notebook for each class (for grades 4th through college). Take notes to make sure you are not day dreaming. My teachers would ask me, sometimes were they left off.

    2) I know this sounds strange, but also worked. I put my books, assignment notepad/planner (on my right side), put homework and the notebook should be open, in the center, with homework on top, unless you are reading of course. Seeing my books helped remind me what class I was in, but only for that class,

    3) At the end of class cheek with the teacher to make sure you wrote the assignment down correctly. I wrote the wrong assignment down many times.

    4) My folder had different places for my homework and other things. My left side was meant for old papers, right side had homework on top and past homework that may be used for tests.

    5) I would talk to your teacher and explain that you are having trouble focusing in class. Are you sitting in front of the class? For me sitting was important. I tend to talk in the back or gaze out the window. The teacher has full view of you so he or she will nip that in the butt. Get your parents involved too. You might have to be put on meds too.

    Good Luck!


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    I just found a great tool that helps me take notes. I am dyslexic on top of being ADD, so my attention wanders and even when I am paying attention, it’s anybodies guess as to what I am writing. I use a Livescribe pen to do that for me. It doesn’t care about how my hieroglyphs are written nor does it care what order they are in. The price is a little steep, and the pen might be large for small hands, but it is a lifesaver! … LOL is this pushing an agenda?… just kidding!!!

    Laddybug as usual has great ideas. What ever system you use, stick with it. Eventually, it all becomes habit. Even when you are distracted, things will find their way to their place. So, have a place for everything, and put everything in its place. I am sure your parents tell you that all the time, but it really works. I have found that by starting off small, finding a place for one or two things is not so overwhelming. Then adding one or two things as i get used to it. Then it becomes YOUR system and makes sense to you.

    Talk to your parents and tell them what you want to do and ask them for their help. If you talk to them in your “grown up” voice, they will listen. After they get over their shock, you will be surprised what they will do for you.

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