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Help for Those who need more help than I can give

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    I was diagnosed with ADHD 18 months ago.

    I have since met many people with ADHD, online and in my day to day life.

    Recently, I have 3 friends who have ADHD who have attempted suicide and one friend who took his own life.

    Some have been diagnosed for a long time, some only JUST received a diagnosis but cannot see another way. In some cases, even when they have all the telephone numbers for doctors who can treat ADHD, websites like this, and other resources in their hands to access help and support.

    I think what I’m looking for is someone with extensive experience with ADHD and counseling roles who can make contact in a critical situation through e.g. skype… and even before getting into, “my fees cost X amount”…. can first of all reach out and take their hand and do something to “talk them off the ledge”.

    With some friends, they are people who have zero issues with money… with others, they are people who end up homeless… I have one friend who is in hospital right now from attempting suicide… news is that they may be next going to a hospital to get help.. which is a good thing. Another friend’s spouse has only JUST heard, “You may have ADHD” after decades of struggling which has led to several suicide attempts… and really could still happen any day, and all I can personally give is information, “ADD and Loving it”.. recommend some urgency to get the assessment and begin treatment as soon as possible.. recommend books like “delivered from distraction” and over views of ADHD such as the “ADHD Awareness” overview that Rick recently put up (which is brilliant and what a life saver that all this is available and accessible!! literally life saving!)…

    The friend who took his life was an incredible person.. quite famous in their industry, financially wealthy, loved by those around them…. and ONLY JUST got the, “Let’s arrange an assessment for ADHD” from his doctor……. the doctor said after it happened, “no one should feel responsible or guilty or that they didn’t do enough… he was in one of the most extreme places of darkness and all our efforts to reach out to him did not get a response”.

    There’s so many people in this extreme place, of suicide seeming the only way out… when for them and for all people with ADHD… it is tragic how it is so often the case that treatment and support can level what seems like mountains to reveal a world of possibilities, peace, relief, happiness, healing, hope, love, joy, restoration…. and yet it seems so impossible to many adults who have spent a life time searching… and then when an answer to a monumentally positive step finally arrives.. it just seems like another mirage in the desert..

    Is there anyone who really knows their stuff about ADHD… Who’s mission it is to reach out to people in this place ?

    I am only just at the beginning of my journey with understanding what is called ADHD, and getting into different forms of treatment..

    The people I’m referring to don’t need a “Here’s a website, check this section”… followed by me hearing some “wisdom” like, “You can lead a horse to water”…

    These people need something more… I don’t know what either…

    These people are the most wonderful, awesome people too…… soooooo great in so many ways… so many people capable of so much.. of getting on their feet and becoming incredible contributors and givers to everyone around them too…

    To add… I live in China.. where you can’t just go down the road to get meds…. for a dose of medication which is a 1/3 of what I should be taking, I have to pay $400 USD a month here in China.. because controlled substances are so difficult to get hold of….. and this is a country where “leading experts in mental health” describe ADHD as “A disease which its victims suffer from”.

    When I get on my feet (fuck… long way to go)… I have so much to do in this area… I don’t feel guilty for not doing more now… and I also won’t listen to anyone telling me to get my own oxygen mask on first and to stop being concerned with others… because the only real reason for me to make progress is to be more and more in the position to give and contribute also…. not because I think that makes me good… but because that’s the purpose of life.. and what is truly fulfilling and makes life worth living.

    Ok.. I’ll breathe now…

    fuck… I wrote so much this is probably not going to achieve anything.

    I did something. I do what I can. Now time to remember the things I’m supposed to be doing that makes me a “responsible adult”… or something.

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