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    i hate the dispositif and systems of neuro spsyhiatrics systems in france, nobody care and it s a struggle every-days
    i don’t know if someone can help me from the other side of the ocean 😉

    but it s beem 1O days that the lab Novaris who does Ritaline LP 40mmg is out of stock
    it s been 10ays days that i tried to get in touch with my neuron-psychiatric,and the all hospital branche…staff
    and 10 days that NOBODY is giving me a straight answer

    my usual posololgie is 40mg Ritaline LP (prolongue effect 4h/5h ) x2 or 3 timesper days- 2 times a days os my regulaire and constante posologie
    afterthe basic n regular “traitement … depending my own needs and decisions (i learn how to managed my med in function of my needs and progress in other non medicamentation learning) i had Ritaline “direct” 10mg (direct effect ) from 2 to 6 a days

    i took me n docteur 3 years to found a system that work for me and give me the possibility to evolve and “control”

    but now it s been 10days with out my “base” Ritaline LP40mg and ii moutrightouse by the way they dealed with the probleme

    so now , today, tuesday, i hve finaly and precrision for a nother produc
    but it seems totallly dangerous to change so quick and without proprer consultation my meds

    so i m trying to get infos , differences, similarity between lthe Ritaline LP 40mn and this Medikinet 40mg MP (apparently is not like LP , “prolonged dispersion”, but MP “modified dispersion”

    the prescription has just been faxed to my apothek by a psychiatre who is specialise to heavy depression… so not really skilled with those little differance in ADHD medication whitch are important

    so if anyone have some infos it ll be really a huge help

    may i m panicking too much, but already 1o days, my brain is endless flipper game and my emotion are upside down , i mediate to compensate but what the hell i m feeling like roger rabbit smoking meth (without taking any drugs, it s so wierd)

    bef, sorry for my french, but
    i m so glad to have some people to expresse my self
    cause in francce they are 10years late with ADHD n other neuro-divergeances…

    thanks for u re time

    and take care of urself
    fierce n neuro-divergeant 😉


    (marseille france)

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