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Help. I cannot get a doctor to even test me.

Help. I cannot get a doctor to even test me.2016-09-02T08:21:21+00:00

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    Over 20 years of suspicion and I still cannot get a doctor to listen. I have had social workers tell me they believe I have ADD, but the doctors I have sought out to help keep refusing the notion. I should add that none of them, NONE, have ever evaluated or tested me for ADD. They go straight to mental health and have pumped me full of all sorts of drugs that never work, some causing terrifying side effects. I tell them I am not there for medication I want life skills, direction, support, or something to help me get a handle on my struggles. It is so frustrating to identify with almost everything I read on the subject, yet these psychiatrists all say bipolar or depression. Trust me, I do not have mania or severe depressive episodes, just emotional when I get overwhelmed and nowhere to turn. I am actually a highly functioning individual with a professional job that I get up and go to everyday. I am creative and passionate about life, yet I get so distracted that I have 50 projects I can’t seem to finish and get tired from trying to sort everything out. I wanted to see Dr. Thomas E. Brown, but he doesn’t take my insurance and doctors won’t refer me to him. Any other ideas, options?

    Some direct guidance would be wonderful!

    (thanks for reading my rant)

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