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Help! Need 2 find the right meds!

Help! Need 2 find the right meds!2011-01-15T19:46:52+00:00

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    Is there a medication that can help with organizing thoughts/physical clutter, etc. that will NOT make you feel jittery. A non stimulant I suppose. My doc put me on Adderall and after 1/2 a pill (I forget the dose) it made me feel crazy. Heart pumping, palms sweaty, just racy. It made me feel really jumpy but the concentration did not kick in. It just felt as if I drank 20 cups of coffee…no joke. I stopped going to my Dr. because I figured this was not his specialty and I didn’t want to be a test person. I have small kids (i’m a mother) so I have tons and tons of more responsiblities than my husband and I also work. I feel like i’m going insane and I don’t have the time (litterally) to jump from dr to dr, meds to meds. I thought I’d give it another try and ended up seeing a councelor instead to said it looks like I have more anxiety than ADHD. True, I admitt that I do have a lot of anxiety, but I feel like it’s from the ADHD symptoms. Again, a waste of time. He’s just a councelor at a group clinic so i’m not going to take him seriously. Why did I see a councelor? He was part a of clinic and at the time the Phsychiatrist were booke solid for 2 months that was when I had a window to see someone. Ahhhh help please. I want to make time to see a doc soon but maybe if I know what medication is best suited for me, I can suggest it to the doc? Thanks!

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