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Hi all, wanted to say hi to all

Hi all, wanted to say hi to all2011-01-16T12:12:35+00:00

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    Been diagnosed for about a year and was really glad to find out that I had ADD, I know now that as the book says I’m not lazy, crazy or stupid. Still trying to find out more about it and how to treat it so I am able to live a life that I knew never existed. About 3 months ago, I found out that the med’s I was on weren’t working the way I felt they should. Really didn’t feel much better after a year, so I read up more on ADD and when I came across the medication section I read up on stimulant’s. After reading about the different ones and how they are supposed to work I went to my doctor and told him that I wanted to be put on one of them. I decided to try Adderall, and once I tried it Wow what a difference felt like someone pulled the vail off my face and I could finally see. Not really much else to say right now, hope to visit more of the forums in a later date. Hope you all the best.

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