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    I am 31….I was diagnosed very late, only 4.5 years ago.

    I knew my entire life something was wrong with me, i was different, but i had no idea what it is.

    When i was diagnosed suddenly everything made sense!


    Unfortunately, since i was not treated for many years i developed major depressive disorder and anxiety….I am on and off anti depressants for years….but I managed to be great at my career of choice, even though I have several issues that can potentially get me fired and i must be careful.


    Welcome to TADD. 🙂

    I have Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety too. And a few other odd little quirks. I have never really been “officially” diagnosed with ADD. It’s just sort of been implied. The therapist I have been seeing for a few months because my depression got really severe is sending a note to my doctor recommending another psych assessment for ADD because I told him I really want to be diagnosed properly.



    I saw maybe 6 p docs….5 therapists….been on 9 anti depressants….

    All the doctors think depression was caused by ADHD and not the other way around….


    The last psychiatrist I saw blew off the subject of ADD without even taking a second to consider it. He says the symptoms are all being caused by depression. He also says I can’t have ADD because I graduated from high school. Which shows how little he knows.

    So far the new antidepressant he put me on hasn’t done anything but make me really sleepy. And a little fuzzier than usual. But it hasn’t been long enough to really tell if it is going to work.

    I’m not normally the most compliant patient and have never really tried to get better. So I am going along with it for now and focusing on trying to do my best instead of wallowing in my misery like I usually do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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