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Hi I'm new to this whole forums thing.

Hi I'm new to this whole forums thing.2012-08-19T18:39:18+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! My Story Hi I'm new to this whole forums thing.

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    Hello. Honestly I’ve never written in forums with intention to go back and check my topic to see if there have been any responses.

    So my name is Bradley and i’m 26 years old. (sorry i don’t always capitalize words.) I’ve had a.d.d. for as far back as i can remember. Well actually first i was diagnosed with a.d.h.d. but as i grew older i became less and less hyper do to weight gain cuz i discovered how delicious food can be with the right extra somethings. i honestly believe there are a number of things wrong with my brain but i know a.d.d. is still kind of a curious thing to everyone so who know? it could be a.d.d. stuff alone and not all the other stuff i’ve come up with.

    My mom and dad told me about this site after watching red and green talk about it on tv this morning while i was still in bed. if they often come in here to read to read the new topics, HI! I GREW UP WATCHING Y’ALL WHEN I WAS A KID!!

    allright well i just felt i should put this post out there in internetland to get a response or few or a hello possibly. it would have bothered me if i didn’t. :)


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    Hello madmaninabluebox – welcome to the forum. I’d never posted on a forum before but now I feel like the guys here are friends and I generally remember to come back and read responses.

    You’ll see some good advice buried within the various threads – you’ll also notice we generally have a good sense of humour and go off topic lots!

    So, feel free to join in. :)

    You and I already have something in common….food! It’s a novel way to reduce hyperactivity for sure! :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)