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High school student. Diagnosis came from nowhere

High school student. Diagnosis came from nowhere2015-07-12T12:37:50+00:00

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    im not buying for this. So I have difficulties in school and I have a hard time sitting still. Little interests me, but I am a teenager! Isn’t it normal???

    i feel like my psychiatrist just needed to give my parents an answer. What can she tell from three Connors forms anyhow?

    started on concerta and haven’t really noticed a change even after two months, besides for that I need more time when taking tests. Otherwise still have the exact same problems.

    I feel like this whole adhd thing is just ridiculous


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    The diagnosis for me was a tool to help understand some things about myself.  I also never found that medication helped but I hear that trying different medications can work for some people where one had no effect or a negative effect.

    Diagnosis and medication are two tools of many.  All of the tools are about solving the problems you’re having and not about “curing” adhd.  Whether or not you agree with the diagnosis, it might be a good place to start looking at what tools can help you.

    For me writing lists helped.  I sometimes just pull everything out my head and put it on paper in no particular order and then order things out and put them back in so to speak.

    I always have difficulty getting down to a task and organizing my time but it slowly gets easier (very, very slowly).  I was diagnosed 15 years ago and it still sometimes feels like it doesn’t fit.

    If they’ve given you medication and nothing else to help you it’s really not going to ease the problems you’re facing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)