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hope you all can read this post….

hope you all can read this post….2010-07-20T20:17:07+00:00

The Forums Forums For The Non-ADD I Married An ADDer hope you all can read this post….

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    a friend sent it to me.

    thought it might help some of you…..



    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Good article.

    In our workshops we talk about how Opposites Attract. And so the Impulsive ADDer marries the Compulsive Organizer because they each love what the other is capable of doing. They seem like magic to us. The ADDer thinks, “She’s so calm, organized, thoughful, considerate, good at listening, sensible and strong.” And the Non-ADD spouse looks at their ADDer and thinks, “He’s so spontaneous, outgoing, fun, creative, good at talking, gregarious, involved, ready for anything, energetic, forgiving…”

    And then ten years pass… And some of those traits wear a bit thin.

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