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    Background…you can skip this intro. if you want to get down to heart of the matter, but it does play a part in deciding…

    Being single the only excuses I have for my house being a mess are:
    1. A.d.d.
    2. I work 9-12 hours a day (it varies) avg.=10hrs. I do a lot of multitasking and re shifting throughout the day because of the nature of my job. It’s actually perfect for my a.d.d but it drains my brain for sure.
    3. I have to do it all: house cleaning, yard work, laundry, shopping, pet care, bills, schedule appts., go to appts. that’s about it.

    I gave in recently and hired someone to come in 2x per month and clean kitchen, bathroom and living area. Which leaves garage (eek), my bedroom and 1 extra room. She has done some organizing and is pretty good at it, but she does it solo and I just have to keep it up until her next visit. It is good because I am doing better cleaning up after myself, at least in the kitchen. It’s not cheap but I accept that I need to do this.

    Re: professional organizer:
    1. More expensive. My dad has gifted me some funds that can totally help pay for this. Those funds are also for unexpected extra expenses that may occur ie; fence needs work, extra medical expenses, etc. don’t want to dwindle that money away.

    2. Maybe I can start to get it done now that I have cleaning help.yeah Hmmm I still have unfolded laundry, on top of the dryer, my room is still a mess.

    3. Peace of mind is priceless right? Wow I am simply selling myself on this while writing.

    4. Oh oh…I tried having a friend help me and that was horrible. Asking someone who lives relatively organized to walk into a.d.d chaos is not good for most relationships. Heck even my mom and I had moments of tremendous tension and frustration when she helped “organize me” in the past. Really she organized and I went back to my old ways not long after she went back home to Az.

    5. Clearly I need to change the title of this topic from “to get professional organizing help or not” to “how I concluded I should get professional organizing help”. On it right now! Ok that’s done.

    6. Hey, if you are considering this know that it isn’t cheap. I managed to book an “organizer in training” for about 1/2 the normal fee of the company I am working with. I will pay $35 an hour but generally it is at least $60. The company I contacted has worked with extreme cases (think a&e’s “hoarders”) which I could easily end up as if left to my old ways.

    Ok so apparently I am going to try professional organizing services. Again I am working with a trainee and I pray that works out because $60 an hour is just not doable for me! Send good thoughts if you took the time to read this.

    Hmmm maybe I will blog about it.


    “Eek” is right. And not just the garage, though that is probably at the top of my places-I-would-rather-forget-exist list. 😯

    I agree it’s better not to have a friend, or your mother, do it. I have a super organized uber-cleaner Type A +++ friend who wanted to come and help me after my dad died. I nearly died of panic when I read his email and started furiously typing a response filled with every excuse I could imagine to stop him. Mom tried when I was a kid but always ended up giving up and doing it herself. Which I’m sure she would still do now if she could.

    I think hiring someone is a great idea and I am sure the trainee will do just fine. Organizing is a skill that you either have or you don’t. Just one word of advice: make sure what she does works for you. Remember, your brain is not like hers. I have the hardest time finding things in a place that was organized by someone else, and yet I can find what I need in a snap in my own junk heap. People shake their heads in amazement and stare at me in awe and say “how can you find anything in there?” And I reply “because I know where everything is”.


    ” I have the hardest time finding things in a place that was organized by someone else, and yet I can find what I need in a snap in my own junk heap.”

    I’m the same way.


    Best decision ever! I highly recommend hiring an organizer then a regular cleaning person for as often as you can afford. The stress relief is priceless!


    Well, I guess I like to continue to do things in a way that has never worked.



    Glad to hear it worked out well for you. I am still struggling with my mess, which at this point in time is way beyond what even a professional could manage. I’m more at the rent a dumpster stage. Maybe more than one dumpster. 🙄


    Well, if it doesn’t work, why change it? 😉


    My thoughts exactly.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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