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How to cooperate with professionals effectively?

How to cooperate with professionals effectively?2011-02-09T01:05:38+00:00

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    Hello, I am from Slovak Republic. I do not know what to do with psychologists and psychiatrists who do not understand the ADHD and ADD at all (especially with adults). Now I am 39 and yesterday is my first day I have tried some med (Straterra 10mg) I can not describe what release it was for me, but when psychiatrist was giving me this med he was shaking like rabbit. (Creating another drog addict person). Some of the psychologist behave like there is no ADHD or ADD in adults at all. Some try to cope with it like with some personality problem. When one of them was testing me, she gave me 20 years old personality test and then little bit talk with me. (no attention test, no memory test, impulsiveness …..) When she discovered that I have learned about the condition thinks were even worse. I was lucky that psychiatrist finally somehow believed what I was continually saying to him. Most of the symptoms are not so much visible because I was meditating for a long time, came trough psychotherapy already (PCA – very good psychotherapist bud – I have addressed my personality problems not ADHD). Some thinks got even worse because of it.


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