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How to do weekends – Leading a double life?

How to do weekends – Leading a double life?2015-10-03T12:36:18+00:00

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    I’m back again!

    So. Back to work for a month after having the summer off. I seem to have two lives – work-life and home-life. I feel as though I can only fully inhabit one of those lives. Driving an hour to and from work, a demanding job which I LOVE, and working 5 out of 7 days a week. It feels as though work-life wins, and I am kind of a ghost in my home-life.

    Any suggestions how to more fully inhabit my home-life? Work-life is so dang stimulating, and I though I do love home-life when I have more time to allow myself to savour it, it is very hard to switch modes from being busy and full of ideas “out there” to nesting at home.

    Of course, I want it all (stimulating, interesting work AND nurturing, interesting, connected home), and have a bit of a competitive “I can SO do it!” attitude, so reducing work hours isn’t something I am going for right now.

    Just curious how others transition in and out of weekends, if you have felt like a ghost in some aspect of your life and what you do about it.


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