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    I have a co-worker who gets really frustrated with me and lets it simmer for a while before telling me off for “behaving badly”. She recently told me I was “trying to make my presence felt” and that was why I was butting in on conversations and exhibiting other behaviors that are classic ADHD.  I’m fairly certain I mentioned my diagnosis soon after receiving it, but I don’t think she or my other c0-workers really understand what it means.  Is there something I could hand them on “What to Expect from an ADHD Co-Worker”?  I have the perfect excuse right now (ADD/ADHD Awareness Month! Perfect!!) and would really like her to cut me some slack.  It causes tension that I don’t need and causes problems with the other person in the office as she reacts to the tension between us.


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    Highly recommend showing them ADD & Loving It?!  That documentary changes people’s opinions so quickly. Two weeks ago an ADHD coach wrote to Ava and told her that she shows clips from the film to clients who are stuck in denial, fear, doubt, or simply, “What can I do at my age.” She told us that the short clips break the logjam and people get it, and they get the freedom to take it on, or to accept that their loved one does indeed have a real disorder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)