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Hperfocus means hyper meds?

Hperfocus means hyper meds?2011-02-17T08:37:22+00:00

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    I have Add, undiagnosed until recently.  I have tried Rit, Adderall, and finally Dexedrine.  

    The latter has provided me with the most unusual of experiences.  The first few days of taking it I had to ask family and friends if I was talking in slow motion, or if I sounded different — the Dex slowed my world down to pace I could keep up with.  An hour became a whole hour, not OMG I’ve got 50 million things to do before that 60 minutes is up and I have to go (99% of which had nothing to do with going).  

    Background story — I had a successful career in the film business — but always knew something wasn’t right with me.  Once I quit work to raise my daughter, I thought I was losing my mind.  Seems I was without the high stimulation of work.

    I am now back at school, doing something I really love.  The Dex has made it possible to sit through lectures, pay attention, and remember.  I am now an A student — first time. I take 5 mg of Dex every 4 hours or so — up to 20 mg a day (instant release).  Here’s the weirdest part for me, and a question.

    When I’m really focused (I still experience hyperfocus) on the lab parts at school, everything goes out the window.  I become flustered, forgetful, and clumsy — not cool for the line of work I plan for.  My nose starts to run…

    Today I didn’t take my afternoon dose (when we do our labs), and functioned normally.  Not even the headache I normally get when the the medicine wears off.  Took my evening dose as normal. All good. 

    Is it possible that the Dex interferes when I’m hyperfocused?  If so, how do I plan my day med-wise when I return to the workforce?


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